Friday, June 17, 2011

on-line mags

Coming back into the design world after taking time away, I feel like I've been asleep for 2 years and waking up to a whole new world!  The economy took a huge shift, retailers responded and so did our clients.  Designers don't hold the same role as they did 3-4 years ago.  So much product is available on-line, magazines shifted to an on-line format & clients are getting more Internet savvy. 

In the beginning I was a bit resistant but once I really examined the on-line design industry more closely I am appreciating everything out there!   On-line mags being one of my new favorites!  I've always used inspirational images as part of my preliminary presentation to clients.  Now it's so much easier to drag & drop vs. printing, scanning, posting & gluing presentation boards. 
I have to give props to a few of my new fav sources!

{I think they select some of the most interesting interiors, I can't get enough!  The creator Michele Adams also has a great line of product offered at  One smart woman!}

{Rue provides such a fun variety of projects, Crystal & Anne really know what they are doing!}
Don't forget to check out these as well!



  1. Just came by your blog via MadeByGirl. Like what I see, so I am going to make sure I come back again by following! Welcome to the world of blogging:)

  2. Hi Emily -- found you!

    Love these obvs! You picked some of my favorite projects too.

    So happy you started blogging!