Friday, June 24, 2011

book nook

My son loves to read, I often find him squatting down on the wood floor staring over his Richard Scarry Cars & Trucks book.  I stop and think, wouldn't he be more comfortable on a nice big cushy reading chair?!  He's 2, so...he probably doesn't care.  But I would love to design him an incredible book nook one day.  Here are a few that I find to be pretty incredible! 
To dedicate an entire room to a cool hang out reading room, yes please!

A practical solutions for small spaces.

Carved out nook or a large space with bright white light
Good thing I have a daughter too, because I love this girly space & walls of books!  Or just one simple book wall, cozy rocker and funky ottoman- very fun!

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Wow that top image is so cool! I'd snuggle up in that!

    I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth Sullivan (reading wall pic with striped ceiling). Check out her blog too if you haven't: