Monday, June 6, 2011

nursery for two

My son Aden was born in March 2010 and 18 short months later Isabel was born...!  Two babes under two which meant two cribs!  Aden's cute little nursery needed to become the guest room and we decided to have the kids share the bigger room.     {gasp}
Trying to decide on a somewhat gender neutral room design was fun, I kept the colors bright.  I mixed orange, lavender, baby blue and lime green.  I chose two different colorways of polka dot bedding from Dwell at Target and a fun zebra patterned rug.
 Peek-a-boo... Aden hiding during our family photo shoot

Inspired by a good friend's living room, I painted two large panels behind the cribs to look like graphic trees.  The dark brown crib was mine, my mother saves everything!  

One of my favorite things, the Bird Mobile!  DIY post to follow soon!
Aden and dada playing with bird mobile.
Baby Isabel
Isabel ended up sleeping in the guest room for about 6 months until she got her sleep groove figured out, now that she is 9 months old the two are finally co-habitating in their room together!  I have to say, it's pretty cute reading the both of them good night stories.   First thing out of Aden's mouth when he wakes up is usually "where's Isabel?"  I love my two babes!
little details, vintage top belonged to my parents, piggy bank
 antique chair, seat upholstered in thomas paul fabric, pillow Hable Construction
baby feet, my favorite!

*all images via dahlia portrait 

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