Monday, June 20, 2011

wall trees

I have to show off a fun project one of my besties created a couple years ago.  Mimi is an uber creative, fashion designer, graphic mastermind, seamstress, do-it-all kind of girl.  She currently resides in an awesome loft in Brooklyn with very, very high ceilings.  Being a home body she decided she wanted to spice up her walls as she was home creating one of her masterpieces.  Look at her blog and you'll know what I mean!  I used this as an inspiration for my kids' room.

Before Shots {and yes, that is her cat climbing up the wall as she tapes off the trees!}

The Final Product!
Masking Tape - (blue kind)
Roller + Extension Stick
Paint Pan
Drop Clothes

1. Tape the imagery you want with masking tape
2. Tape off the edges of the wall
3. Prime the edges of the wall first with the brush then use the roller for the rest of the wall
4. Paint the edges first then roll on the rest.
5. Carefully remove all tape
6. You're done, enjoy!

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  1. they look so good! especially with the bike hanging on the wall! love it! & love ur blog!