Monday, July 11, 2011

feather your nest

I was looking for desk accessories for a client who loves birds.  During my shopping I kept coming across very interesting decorating items with feathers.  I thought, wouldn't it more be fun to just use an element of birds?  The feather, which seems to be so cool and trendy right now.   I have my eyes on a few of these items for my home now.
Quill pens, a journal, a bronze tray & magnifying glass. 
I want to order her a set of these letterpress cards, I love the simple outline and colors of white & grey.

So why not continue to carry the theme throughout the room?!  It's subtle and not too obnoxious, right?!  I especially love the hand printed feather pillow from Etsy.  pendant, wallpaper, tray, pillow, art

I love the colors of this peacock feather card!



  1. I love the feathers... the little silver feather paper clip holder thing is awesome.


  2. I also love feathers- on chandeliers, art- everything! I absolutely love the last peacock feather cards you showed. Gorgeous! :) Happy to find your blog. :)

  3. Loving feathers lately. That letterpress card is amazing! Can't get enough of the Jayson feather pendant either. I really want a small gold pendant necklace but haven't found the right one.