Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hipster craft fair

It was a gloomy weekend here in San Francisco.  I had the pleasure of taking my family out to the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason.   It was nice to get out and have a healthy distraction from the 50 degree weather in the middle of summer.   I love the bay views from Fort Mason and it was wonderful to get some design inspiration!  I was a bit overwhelmed with all the amazing talent but here area few of my favorites!!


{i live in a 'scarf city', I thought this would be a cool statement piece}  

{look at those needles!}  
I have been on a Pouf hunt for my own home, so I was stoked when I came across these!  I think they are so fun and crazy at the same time!   Cara is a writer by day and crafter by night and so full of talent.

Hilary had so many fun prints of SF scenes, usually inspired by photography of this wonderful city.  She does workshops too, check it out!

{cupcake break- Crap Cakes- really!?  Yum!}

One of my hubby's favs as well, a mid-century inspired creation with a unique twist!  Their moto "This studio believes that chairs can be diverted from the waste stream to become 'en route' again to new homes."  Yes to that!

{i always love a good hand-printed card or tea-towel}
LINEA CARTA is Italian for 'paper line' or 'paper collection'.  Diva offers a comprehensive eco-friendly (and eco-cute!) line of luxury stationery and gifts for your wedding, your home, and your baby.

{noticing a theme of feathers, leather and native american inspired crafts right now}
Julia (from Canada) who was originally a ski racer, went to art school in Nova Scotia and long story short- fell in love with leather!  She handcrafts leather belts & accessories full-time out of her studio in Whistler.   I like what she has going on.

{they have some crazy pillows, baby with elephant head.  my son thought these were pretty awesome.}

{I was really drawn to the monochromatic arrangements in different shapes.  I appreciate the simplicity}

Sara was introduced to pottery while she was forced to take a class for a teaching degree.  After spending many years moonlighting as a potter in her basement studio, she is now lucky enough to pursue her love of pottery full-time.  Spread the word, Sara's got talent!

{what an interesting technique, I'd love to decorate an entire wall with these pieces}

Dave Marcoullier is a certified arborist and landscape designer, and much of his work is an extension of those two disciplines.  As no two wood grains are the same, each and every piece is unique.

{loving the photos mounted on woodblock, too many good ones to choose from!} 

I hope you are able to check out Renegade when it comes to a town near you!


  1. Oh, this would have been fun! We were recently in SF and enjoyed the best weather, like usually only seen in September! Found your blog via Sherry Hart.

  2. Hi Emily, I found you via Sherry. What a great post! I also love the simplicity of the monochromatic pots in different shapes and sizes. It's interesting, yet relaxing to the eye. I'm your newest follower.

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