Thursday, July 7, 2011

my country style

I had full intention of blogging while I was out of town in Denver.  But instead I completely let myself check out of reality and enjoy every moment there with my family and friends.  I soaked up  the sun,  summer rains, even the 100 degrees firework fiesta into the wee hours of the morning.  My children were so happy there, running in the yard, eating dinner outside, breathing fresh mountain air, riding trains, seeing tractors, playing in kiddie pools, & seeing wildlife.  I very much  appreciate the simple life there, that is for sure!

I always wonder what it'd be like to raise my children in the same place where I grew up. 
So got me thinking... what would I want my Colorado home to look like??

{It's all about outdoor living , I would make my porch & backyard the best part of the home!}   porch, rocker

{I see myself being very domestic, gardening, preparing awesome salads from my garden, oh what I would do for an awesome kitchen island!}  kitchen, flowers, table top

{I love the bright white and stained, painted woods.  Mixing natural elements with modern touches.  Very fresh & clean.}  egg chair, bed, living

{My kids would have the coolest rooms in town!  I love the large mountain wall treatment and the barn door for a backdrop in the nursery!}  mountain wall, nursery
{I think I would live out here as much as possible.  Maybe use the barn as an indoor/outdoor space to entertain and play!}  barn, tabletop
I'm still on my Rocky Mountain High.


  1. Oh wow... I think I need your magic touch for my apt. here in tiny NYC! This is very inspiring...

  2. are so sweet....thanks for the mention and I will send people over here to see it on my next post!!!!

  3. Emily I love your Colorado home, it looks great, Kathysue

  4. Just found you through Sherry's blog - I've always loved that nursery she designed. Your imagined Colorado is fabulous. I wish I could live there too! Loving your blog - can't wait to read more!

  5. Hi, I'm coming over from Sherry's blog, love your design. The mountains are so beautiful.