Friday, July 22, 2011

yellow yellow yellow

I have been goo goo for yellow since I changed my logo last month.  This is definitely a new obsession as I have not been drawn to yellow like this in the past.  What is it?!  There is something that gets me about the crispness and simplicity of yellow, especially paired with bright white.  Integrating it into your home as a bold wall statement or in a fun pop of art.  And for sure in summer shorts!
  • Bold yellow sliding door between a bedroom/bathroom. 
  • Fun silhouette pillow embroidered on jute.  
  • Yellow stair risers, Yes yes, Yellow!
  • I also love bringing it into fashion, yellow shorts, pants, or shoes.  {Yes, I own a pair from the Gap which my sister-in-law likes to call my 'banana pants'}.  
  • And lastly, yellow diamonds from Tiffany, need I say more?  I was so close to getting a yellow diamond for my wedding band.  Oh to dream...maybe for a right hand ring.

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