Monday, August 8, 2011

IKEA undercover

For weeks {ok months} my former hometown folks have been buzzing about their excitement for the grand.........arrival...........of..........................IKEA.  Yes, IKEA has step foot into the front range- Denver, Colorado.  Yippie! 
I suppose I can't tease my buds for their excitement, I do remember the first time I stepped foot into an IKEA back in 2000.  At the time, I was living in Southern California and a former boss brought me along to help make selections in order to spruce up the old office.  I was in design school, so this was pretty exciting.  11 years later, the excitement has definitely faded.  Now I just think of the hassle & the over-stimulation of the entire experience.  Trying to haul heavy boxes of MDF crap into the back seat of my car, trying to justify why I just bought that and that and- what is that?!   
With all this said, I will continue to shop there and I was so excited to see someone finding a great techinique to make IKEA not look so, well, IKEA-esque.   Danika & Cheryle's O'verlay biz, yes!

I was recentely introduced to these girls Danika & Cheryle who began marketing overlays on IKEA pieces.  Check this out!  Not only does it look very cool on furniture, but they've applied it to doors, screens and wardrobes.  I've got to try this out.
"O'livia" & Greek Key applied on the MALM dresser.
Who hasn't owned a LACK table at some point in their life.  At least it's got more personality here!

I hope to own a home in the near future and it's promising to see some cool bathroom/kitchens done with the product as well.  IKEA Hackers is full of great construction ideas.  Will be adding a few of these to my DIY file.
Happy hunting new Ikea shoppers, bring a snack and wear comfortable shoes.

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  1. Really happy to have been introduced to your blog via Small Shop and can't wait to read more as your newest follower! I love Ikea, but these would definitely amp up any of my staples.