Thursday, August 25, 2011

it's her party

My baby girl is turning one this weekend!  I can hardly believe it!  It's definitely been one of the most challenging years of my life; bringing Isabel into the world just 18 short months after my son Aden.  I'm here now to say, we made it!  And so proud of the little sweetie she is becoming.
Isabel was born an 'old soul' we think.  She seems like the type of child who just isn't comfortable being stuck in a baby body.  She's ready to take this world by storm.
She took her first steps a couple weeks ago, she's been repeating words & imitating her brother with his car sound effects.  My favorite times with her lately are the family tickle sessions before bed.  She's comfortable jumping into the dog pile and let me tell you, seeing her brother make her laugh is the best feeling!
  She's an attention grabber to say the least, commanding attention with her flirty eye lashes and saying "Hiiii" to strangers everywhere we go.  
I wish I had the energy to create an uber cute birthday party for her, we'll see if I can pull off a cute flower arrangement, fruit/french toast kabobs and maybe some helium balloons.  Ha!
   Here's to dreaming...
photos by my amazing sister

you think I can pull it off?!  ya, we'll see!  In love with the pink cupcakes w/ sparkly silver sprinkles and silver dragees!  maybe I'm living vicariously through her, just a tad??  {images via my pinterest}

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