Tuesday, August 2, 2011

loving my lucite

Considering I named my own blog after the material {lucite} I figure I should show it some love.  I decided on the name lucite + lavender because I liked the contradiction between the two names and I liked what they represented when I thought of my interests.  I suppose I see it as a bit of analogy- lucite being my love of the city, interior design & objects.   Lavender being my love of nature, color, femininity. 
I've found some pretty awesome uses of lucite and in so many different styles!  From a modern glam vanity to a vintage console, a handrail, or even a vintage mirror.  Lucite is timeless, classic, clean and can you say... Fabulous?!
I am so lusting after this entry way!  I'm hoping to plug this look to a client right now.  I want that console, the mirror, the floors & the light!

Ok so the crib isn't the most practical but so cool!  I also really like the lucite dresser pulls!

 chairs, stool, trunk, lamp

Oh My!  Handrails- very glam!

A simple lucite coffee table, I'm also loving the rug & the blue and grey color combo!

Table, need I say more?

The glam vintage lucite mirror- I wouldn't mind looking at this vignette everyday!

What is your favorite piece?

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