Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mirror this

I hate to admit that this is my fireplace mantel.  As a designer I feel like my home should reflect my personal style and taste.  This is Ick.  Maybe I'm too consumed in motherhood and other people's homes and have left mine by the way side.
My excuse is that we are still renting for another year and I don't feel the pride of ownership to make the space incredible! 
Check out the current condition of my fireplace; yup- with yoga mats, children toys and icky accessories galore.  C'est la vie.
We are in our place for another year so I figure I should at least invest in a great mirror to spice it up and still be able to take it with us to our new home. 
I feel like any of these styles would translate into my decor now or in the future.

what style should I go for?
{all images via my pinterest}


  1. You wouldn't be at all surprised that I'd pick the top left one! But I think round is also so classic that you can't go wrong.

    But I like your mantle too, I have to say!

  2. Such good pictures to choose from. Maybe ornate, if you find the right one, but round just looks so crisp!