Sunday, August 28, 2011

Office Space

I've been thinking, all office, all the time lately.  Ridden with massive amounts of creative energy,  I feel like I need to pump up my {home} office space, GET ORGANIZED, and create space for all these ideas.  It's been on the bottom of my 'to do' list, as I wade through my daily's just floating along in my sea of unorganized papers and fabric samples.

I think I will be obsessing over this for awhile, if I do enough creative outpouring of MY office design, hopefully I'll see a pattern, design my space and make it happen.
Let's get designing people- for Myself!

First order of business- a kick butt inspiration board.  Liking the all white as a backdrop so my ideas will pop off the boards!  Let's not forget some great storage and fun accessories so it won't look so 'office-y.'

Organizing books and magazine by color and size.  Order, I need order.

Very clean and grown-up.  High storage & low storage, but where is my footstool, I'm a shorty.

Hum... open shelves, Ikea bookcase, with interesting storage cubes, some open for accessories, and great fabric bins.  I'm liking the pattern desk chair.  Although not ergonomic and I'm thinking I need that over fashion here!  ha!

Like the wallpaper background and the little touch of Pink! 

Cute, a little bit diva but totally functional. 

Itty Bitty clean modern space, maybe maybe...

Simple but textured, warm, cozy, but thinking I need more space to sprawl out!

Where am I headed here....???!!!
{all images via pinterest}
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  1. I have the creative energy, just not the energy for follow through. Love the ideas you have for your office space.. definitely share when you've made progress! I like a combo of clean lines, color, and warmth... I like the first and second pictures best!