Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rise and Shine

Happy Monday!  
After walking in on my 2 year old {luckily, very carefully} climbing out of his crib the other day, I realized I better hustle and get him into a toddler bed ASAP.  Don't want any disasters with him climbing out and tumbling onto our wood floors.  
I want something interesting, preferably not the ordinary store bought bed, something DIY or unique!  No Lightning McQueen race car beds, although, I'm sure he'd love that.  
Do I go the upholstered headboard route?  Upholstered base?  Custom wood?  
Anyone have any brilliant suggestions?!

This would be ideal but how can my sons bed be cooler than mine!?  I am so in love with the orange upholstered headboard {and over-sized kid pics above}!  Or the fully upholstered bed with contrast welt- yes! 

Appreciating a good DIY project for a temporary piece of furniture, why not a cool fabric on a DIY base or a daybed?  Would be great for future sleep overs, maybe...maybe?

This is closest to our current vibe, find a vintage bed and paint it a bright color. 

Kidding, only kidding!  really people!?
Good night, sleep tight...

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