Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sleeping in style- cribs

How cool is your baby!?  I've been researching super modern baby cribs for a client for the past week, so that is all that has been on my mind.  All white, white with walnut, open ends, storage beneath, thick rails, thin rails, detail on ends, chunky or do I go ultra stylish with Rachel Zoe's Spot on Square crib with lucite sides?!   Decisions!?
Tamera Honey of House of Honey just introduced the Uptown series- so cool!  Or there is the Regency Crib by the New Traditionalists.  Not only do they have cool kids furniture but their other furniture is very cool with a little edge out of the ordinary.

Or super clean lines and super modern, I'm liking (from left to right)   David Netto Moderne Crib  |  Luxo Crib by Bloom   |    ROH Crib by Spot on Square  |  Nursery Works Studio Crib
Need to decide if my angle is more uptown or downtown.

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