Tuesday, September 20, 2011

craft paper invites- wedding week

I'm feeling rather sentimental this week with my anniversary just around the corner.  I have been cleaning out old files lately, one of them being my huge wedding binder- ahh!  Throwing out all my magazine clippings, vendor bids, invitation proofs, seating charts, etc...  Sad to say good-bye to the memory of that process but so fun to reminisce.  It's still so clear in my mind and I really enjoyed the process of joining my Fletcher world with my husband's Mughannam world.  
Crazy to think it's only been four years, yet we've lived a lot of life in those years!

Being a designer I'm always surrounded with other amazing weddings and inspiration images of great wedding details.  I wouldn't change a thing about our day but I do appreciate the style of what I might do if I were getting hitched today.  Because, let me tell you- my taste has changed since our lime green and brown wedding theme. 
Of course that isn't the most important part of the wedding planning but you can't blame a girl for obsessing, right?!
Something I've really been loving is the look of using craft paper as an invitation!
I LOVE the simple black or white text on craft paper look.  So simple and timeless.

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