Thursday, September 22, 2011

ever after- wedding week

Our 4 year wedding anniversary is today!  Hard to believe how much life we've lived since we've gotten married.  Two amazing children later, here we are still madly in love.  I had so much fun reliving the day through these photos and reminiscing about one of the best days of life.  Happy Anniversary babe!
We decided to see each other before the ceremony to help alleviate jitters and spend some quality time before the whirlwind began.  It was great seeing him and getting a few smooches before we said our vows!
One of my favorite places on the planet- Headlands Center for the Arts!   We fell in love with this building the second we walked in.  Located in the Marin Headlands, the building is part of a cluster of 1907-era military buildings in Fort Barry.  13 foot high ceilings, maple floors, redwood wainscoting, pressed-tin ceilings, original walls were restored with the many layers of paint chipping off.  It's got such depth and personality!
We felt like we were all alone in the Headlands, quiet, calm on a cool September morning.
The building had such personality, we really didn't need to do any decor besides, lights and flowers.  Do we look happy or what?! 
I loved how all the chairs were mis-matched and unique.  The dining portion of our wedding was in the original mess hall of the military building.  The kitchen was exposed to the dining area, so we got to soak up the smells of fresh bread as we walked in.  Best caterer ever- Katie Powers Catering!   We became great friends after our wedding!  We bypassed the traditional cake and went for cupcakes by Sibby cupcakes.
We actually took a dance class before our wedding, it was a great bonding experience for us.  Great as long as my hubby promised not to bite his lip.  Getting a little practice in before our debut. 
The staircase in this building is incredible,  4 floors of original oak balustrades. 
MR. and MRS.

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