Thursday, September 8, 2011

little mrs. green jeans

Ok, I did it, I bought green jeans!  I have always loved colored jeans, just ask anyone who rocked the solid colored jeans with me in 8th grade.  I just discovered AG's 'Stevie' jean at Anthro and I have to say, these are just as comfortable as yoga pants.  Thank you!  I will be going back for more.
Yada yada, all of this and really I just am excited to share a few of my new birthday favs!  My loved ones kept asking what I wanted for my birthday but this year it wasn't all about tangible objects, I was really craving experiences that I haven't had much since having children.  Me time. 
Things like...
  - time alone
  - a massage
  - yoga classes 
         but yes, if you must; I also want an iphone4, great new jeans, new make-up, more sleep.  Ok I'm getting off track. ha!
So cheers to **spoil Emily on her birthday month**!
1).  First order of business, a mani/pedi.  I am loving this color- Merino Cool from Essie, it goes with everything.

2).  Sunshine.  Got that last weekend!  I have been seriously deprived this summer in SF, so off to Sonoma I go this weekend for more sun (and my massage).

3).  My green jeans!  I have adopted the name 'Little Mrs. Green Jeans' from a friend who claims only teenage skater boys where green jeans.   I'll show her!

4).  Benefit make-up.  This mascara, let me say, it's best on the market!  I already have long lashes but this makes me look like I have false lashes on.  Hence the name "They're Real".  Can you blame a girl for wanting to look beautiful!?

5).  My Massage!!!!!!  Need I say more?  Best hubby ever for treating me to an entire spa day.

6).  Best Cupcakes on the planet.  Thank you Laurie for buying me some so I can eat a half dozen in one day.  

7).  Yoga!  This is thanks to my mama who sent me the pimp daddy yoga gift card to Yoga Tree SF, it includes another massage!  yes!! 

My lesson learned, it's not always about the 'stuff' that makes me happy but about the joy I receive from being at peace and feeling loved.  I really need to give the biggest shout out to my husband for making all of this happen.  He's an amazing support and always puts me first.  twinkle in my eye*

I'm a lucky lady.

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee.......

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