Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mason jar vases- wedding week

While going through my wedding folders, I realized my largest section of inspiration pics were of... flowers!  I had only three dresses that I pulled as inspiration and about thirty for flowers!  Ha!   Obviously, it's something I love.
Maybe florist is my next calling??
It's such a simple detail of any space.  For my wedding,  I enjoyed using mismatch jars and vases that I'd found at flea markets and garage sales.  Mason jars are so simple & classic and provide an inexpensive way to form an arrangement.  I love the idea of mixing florals with branches, then hanging the jar from trees or metal flower holders.
Using reeds, only white flowers, or even as a drinking glass for the bride and groom.  Cute but not too cute!
Images courtesy of my Pinterest page

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