Monday, September 26, 2011

too cool for craigslist?? SALE!!

Happy Monday!
How many other designers out there have had clients who have amazing furniture they reject, change their mind or have no place to re-purpose it in their home.  The furniture then becomes lonely sitting in a storage facility year after year.
What's the best way to get rid of these pieces??
With high end furniture like this, it's no place for a side-walk sale especially in the City.  So put away the lemonade stand and let's try to hustle this on-line!
Here are a few treasures from a past client of mine.  Prices are a steal and Must Go!

Beautifully designed one of a kind custom walnut bookcase with scallop edge.   Fully finished on back side also, could be used as a divider in a room.  *Need to confirm dims {sorry} 12"D x 7'H x 3'W.  $ 2500  (originally over $4500)

seamless edges, beautiful!

Purple Lucite Coffee Table- vintage

Purple Lucite Vintage coffee table.  Smokey Grey glass top included (not shown) 54"W x 14.5"H x 24"D                                    Sale Price $850, originally $1600!

This piece is so funky and so chic!  House it over a purple shag rug like we did, so cool.

Designed by Philippe Starck.  Cicatrices De luxe fixtures are a unique design with crystal blown vases as diffusers. Suspended on chrome-plated steel shelves.  Italy. Includes 8 X 35W bi-pin halogen bulbs.  Shown Installed in my clients Kitchen. 

Style #1, dims below.  Sale Price $1800  Originally $3500.

Style #2 Sale Price $1800  Originally $3500.

Contact me to discuss shipping options, we'll ship to anywhere in the U.S.
Happy shopping!

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