Sunday, October 30, 2011

cut a rug... in the kitchen?

It's Monday!  What did I do all weekend you ask?!  Clean the garage.  fun.  Oh and we put final touches on our super hero costumes for tonight! 
After all the cleaning I decided to beautify another room in my home that has been neglected.
We rent a beautiful flat from my in-laws which was built in1937.  Certain aspects have charm (arched doorways, wood floors & high ceilings) but certain things bug me.
The kitchen is one of those 'bug me' rooms, it's sort of a...creamy/peach bland combo that really needs an overhaul.  The doors don't stay closed anymore and the linoleum floors are yucky.  
The scallop edges are a little cutesy but fun..  I'm learning to embrace it!   I changed the cabinet pulls a year ago to a bold maroon color.  Working with that I starting shopping for rugs.  Our kitchen is small but we still spend a lot of time together as a family.  I find that it's making the room more cozy.  Will I regret this?

I found this rug a few weeks ago on a super fab Safavieh sale on One King's Lane.  It's bright, its bold and dark enough to hide stains!  It was only $230 so I figured if it gets trashed I can replace it?!  Am I nuts?  
My Inspiration Kitchens
This kitchen reminded me of our kitchen; simple white cabinets, tile counter tops.  I love that they added the ethnic print rug and lightened the room up by removing the upper cabinet doors & painting the inside a dark color.  Ohh... I should do that! 

Again, a beautiful vintage rug, much brighter and bold than the rest of the kitchen.

The rug becomes the focal point.

Oh la la, Carrera marble island, dark wood floors- yes please! 

Clean and Simple, the yellow stool is a great color accent!

 So we'll give this a try and see how long it takes to get ruined with little people and their crumbs.  I'm working on some window treatments and will post pics as I progress.


  1. I love this rug! Great find! I love the colors- they pop against the white. :)

  2. Wow what a great find! Just found your blog from simple dwellings and so happy I did!