Thursday, October 6, 2011

living room re-do: in the works

I've got a couple of fun projects in the works right now but they all seem to be a couple months out before completion.  I'm getting a little impatient and want to see finished project!  sigh, relax, wait...
I'll keep you informed on the process shots as we go along.
This 1950's residence belongs to a vibrant San Francisco family who completed an impressive remodel over a year ago.  They've been living with dated furniture for too long and are finally ready to have their furnishings updated to match the greatness of their interior.
Working within a reasonable budget we are trying to re-purpose a few existing pieces but modernize them by slip-covering and adding some modern touches.   Living Room Shot- Before
Yes, they have cardboard boxes as their coffee table!  That is why they hired me! 


Our inspiration board!  We will begin by reupholstering the existing traditional sofa into a streamline solid color.  Selecting a timeless modern rug will help ground the room.  I proposed adding a couple fun Etsy pillows to add a subtle touch of pattern.  This is all an organic process, I can't wait to see how it all turns out over the next couple months! 
 Stay Tuned!
1. Pewter fabric swatch- Pindler     2. Throw blanket- West Elm   3. Wall baskets- West Elm  
4. Accent Pillow- Etsy    5. Accent Pillow- Etsy    6. Slipcover style    7. Table lamp- Crate & Barrel    8. Side Table- Crate & Barrel    9. Coffee Table- Crate & Barrel    10. Rug- Horchow

Actual Rug.  The Horchow rug blew our budget so we went for this:  PB Paris Diamond Rug

Next week we will nail down the coffee table, media center and fabrics.  Then on to the Family Room!

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  1. This will be beautiful! Although I generally go for colorful palettes, I love me a good neutral room!