Tuesday, October 25, 2011

make me pretty- bedroom update

Master Bedroom nightstand update. (see below for resources)
Remember about a month ago where I posted about my nightstands and how my whole bedroom really needed some help.  Well, I've done some work on it.
It's not quite done yet as I still need a headboard and a better vase to hold flowers!
Also on the 'to do list' is to update my family photo image in the frames!  We just got our photos taken last weekend and need to have prints made!   Bear with me.
Fluffing the bed!  Kids were asleep so my sister and I were actually able to tackle some decent shots!  Oh, and I swear my house is tilted (or the moulding is) because it was IMPOSSIBLE to line those prints up straight!
Like my new Mongolian lamb pillow?!  I love it but my family thinks it feels too much like a puppy. 

I got the last Mercury Owl at West Elm.  It's cute but I'd rather find a unique ceramic owl. This is a nice place holder for now. Also, notice my new Decorate book- gotta give Holly props since I'm in the mix of her blog class right now.   I wonder what she'd think of my styling?!
Overall View
Ok so nightstand update:
Originally I had my heart set on fun bright yellow lamps.  I found these funky white lacquer lamps at Home Goods for $30/ each!  A steal right?!  The shade is a beautiful teal blue, it's growing on me.
I purchased the crystal knob at Anthro awhile back.  They don't have the exact one but it's closest to this.
Wood Sphere here.
Fur Frame, clearance at West Elm.
Grey acrylic throw- or a faux cashmere shall we say?
Black Ceramic bird- I made that in pottery class a few years back.
Jug w/ sticks- found the jug at a garage sale and used it with flowers at my wedding.
Yellow Ceramic vase on floor: my brother in law gave it to us.  Have no idea where it's from?!
Floor Basket- West Elm
Art- Hate to admit but got these prints at Ikea 5 years ago when I moved to SF.  Hung them with twine and there you go.  Not a huge fan but they are ok.  I want a new headboard!! 
Rug- faux fur throw rug- Ikea

Design is a process.  Sometimes the most fun is not 'pre-planning' and just finding the perfect piece that you work your room around!

Photo Credits: Portraits to the People


  1. I really love those lamps and the white dressers. New follower!

  2. Oh wow... your bedroom looks so grown-up compared to mine! I love those pillows they remind me of Marni...

  3. The room looks great! I love the teal lamp shade & the little owl is such a cute addition.

  4. Love your blog, style, and bedroom! Also, love the lamp bc I picked up the same one with a navy shade at Home Goods. It's fun and unexpected! I'm your newest follower too. Would love it if you visit me and follow me back!

  5. I Want That Owl !!!! Beautiful Bedroom !!!

  6. Pretty room. Love it. Did you make your curtains or buy them?

  7. Beautiful room. Please can you let me know the brand and shade of the grey paint? It's just the colour I've been looking for!

  8. Can you tell me where the bedding is from?? Love it!!