Thursday, October 27, 2011

neon is not just for super heros

stopping by dad's work to trick or treatour big dorky family!  ha, we had so  much fun though.

So Martha Stewart is the queen bee of craft-tastic projects, right?!  We all know that.  BUT, I also realize she has an incredible staff of the best designers and stylists to make everything look perfect.  I am no Martha but I am using this project as inspiration for our super hero costume this year.   See...
Some stretch pants, a little duct tape, and voila'! 
The DIY projects required seemed reasonable, so this past weekend, I crafted away and can't wait to see how they look on all 4 of us!  hehehe, it's going to be so cute!  I'll share pics next week.

With all my awesome super-hero costume research, I also found a ton of other cool super cool neon stuff.
Neon, it's everywhere! 

1. nails   2.  crafts  3. purse  4. shall  5. door  6. tabletop  7.  interior   8.  art
I'm on a kick now, highlighter yellow, bright pink.  I'd surely rock that shall, even in the winter.  Is that accepted in the fashion world?!   Of course it's vintage, but I want it!

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