Sunday, October 16, 2011

oscar de la renta- RED

I've got red in my eyes! 
I have been consulting with the ever so talented Heidi Toll for a couple years now.  Actually, she was my first boss out of college! 
Hold on, back it up for a quick back story:  Immediately upon graduation from DI in '02 I was on the hunt for a young firm, who I felt, represented a style that I connected with.  Serendipitous, I came across Toll Hammerschimdt (where Heidi was the owner at the time) and upon contacting them, they were on the hunt for their first employee!  That, turned out to be Me!
Heidi has since started her own firm along side with starting a family.  She has some amazing projects on the boards and lucky for me one of them is in Northern California.
After years of me moving around, consulting with other designers, we've come back together to work on a fantastic project in Sonoma County. 
Setting the mood,
Almost but not quite...
The style is Hip Country {right up my alley} and we are just getting going with incredible inspiration images, product ideas and mood boards! 
The client had come across the Spring collection from Oscar de la Renta and could not get that vibrant Red out of her mind.   Right away, I looked up his new collection and immediately fell in love with this most amazing shade of red!  When you see it, you will love it.
The mood is set.  We are going to rock out this hip country home with tons of neutrals but lots of pops of Red!
This is what got me seeing Red.  What do you think?!

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