Thursday, October 27, 2011


There is something so refreshing about the Fall.   A new season, which always means a new start.  Oh, and the colors of the Fall- wow, always amazing!  The past few years (prior to kids) I haven't been too into holiday festivities.  But now, with children, there is a whole new excitement and joy to creating traditions with our family.

One of my favorite things is going to pick out a pumpkin!  We usually go to Half Moon Bay, which is the mecca of pumpkin farms, but this year we decided to go to our local city pumpkin 'farm.'  It was an amazingly warm day and it just felt right.  We headed over the a patch in the Sunset District to find just the right one.

The Hunter, do we get big ones or little ones?!

so many colors, shapes and sizes.
I'll take THIS one!!
The Gatherer.  He was very helpful with pushing our pumpkins in the wheel barrel!
Success, we even got to see them holding hands on the way out. 

Now how to decorate these little pumpkins?

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