Monday, October 10, 2011

what's my blogger ware?! {lucite + lavender}

Today is the day... I am supposed to start my first blog class any minute- Blogging Your Way!  woo hoo!   My good bud {and fellow blogging newbie) Melinda and I decided to take this course together, it's hosted by decor8's own Holly Becker.  Being that we have recently started blogging and surprisingly taken quite a liking to it, why not freshen up our skillllzzzz and get into this on the right foot!  I hear there are about 700 hundred students taking the course from around the world!

To me it's just more than just a creative outlet for myself but a way to stay connected to my fellow designers, bloggers and clients.  It's gotten me started on a fun journey of self reflection trying to figure out what I represent, what I want my design business to look like and what type of designer am I?  Let's get crackin'!
So to cheers to my blog-o-rama course, I'm getting ready in my blogging outfit
Recently on Simple Dwellings, I saw that she did a fun series where she asked people "if my blog were a room."  {I'm working on that too} but here is my- "if my blog were an outfit" for now.

My Blog outfit- via my Polyvore.
What's your blogger ware?

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