Thursday, November 17, 2011

e-design: 7 Year old Girls Room

e-decoration packages are so fun!
I met this fun client through my cousin who was nannying for them part-time in NYC.  She had mentioned that she was ready for her two oldest daughters to move into their own rooms and wanted each room to reflect their individual personalities.

First, I began working on the 7 year old's space.  She loves blue, has a mellow personality, enjoys hiking, climbing, fishing and studying.  She was really excited about getting her own room and a desk of her own.  The room needs to grow with her into her teen years, although, she wasn't quite ready to get rid of her bunk bed... yet.  {holding onto to a little bit of youthfulness, at least for a few more years- thank goodness!}
Her room will be a place for play, study and sleep so we integrated a fun combination of all those requirements.
Luckily we were able to use a few existing pieces that were at their Beach House.  Enabling us to use the budget on fun accessories and spicing up the existing pieces.  We also proposed a super fun wall treatment which I think will make the room!  I'll post more details on that in the future.
 Inspiration Board
Instead of a daybed, we decided to go with this fun over-sized Jeanie Chair & 1/2 from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  The blue rug is from a sweet sale through One King's lane & Safavieh.  We are basing the rest of the colors off this rug!      

I am learning that long-distance e-design really does work and it's fun!  Thank you technology!  I am super impatient and wish I could just hop over to her house and stay updated on the progress.  Ce' la vie, I will wait until the New Year.  Hopefully an NYC trip is in the cards soon so we can meet face to face!

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  1. very cute, Emily!
    (hey - what program do you use for floor plans? is it icovia?)