Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get to know Kelly Berg of Arte Styling

Don't you love spying on your fave designers through social networking?  You feel like you know them a little more personally, maybe know what restaurant they love or where they recently travelled.  Or maybe you wonder what are some of their personal tastes & core values?  Design is represented so much on outside appearances, I find it's great to learn what makes someone tick on the inside!
 Here you get to know some juicy behind the scenes info on Kelly Berg of Arte Styling
A quick back story...
I met Kelly through a fellow DI grad of mine.  Perusing the Internet one day, she found Kelly and realized Kelly graduated from the same school we did, during the same year!  We went to a tiny school so we pretty much knew everyone in our class.  But I didn't know Kelly.  
She is adorable, also a designer and go figure lives in the Bay Area!  How do I not know her!?
{She was a semester ahead of me in school so we must not of had classes together.}  I looked her up online, started following her blog and we began corresponding via e-mail. 
We have a date on the calender to meet for coffee- if we can just kick these colds!  It's so nice having a new blogger friend- locally!
Enjoy getting to know Kelly a little better with some of her favorite things. 

1) Gadget - A microplane. It grates and zests like nobody's business. (little weird that I immediately thought of a kitchen gadget? I'm sure the expected answer was something more designer-y...)

2) Prized possession - A nice, solid sense of humor.

3) Fridge staple - Being from Napa, I have to honestly say a decent bottle of white wine. Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorites. I also enjoy a good bottle of bubbly.

4) Party Playlist - Depends on the party. I always customize music to fit the mood of the evening. I get very particular about the overall feeling a playlist conveys, probably due in part to all those years I studied music.  The right music makes a party. With that said, we've got thousands and thousands of songs on our iTunes library and either myself or my husband will make a customized playlist when we have people over. 

5)Fragrance - I love Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. Fragrance...and Michael Kors Very Hollywood.

6)Room in your house - We just moved a few months ago and none of the rooms have been given much attention yet. I'd have to say that I've been enjoying the backyard more than the house! There are so many birds outside that I've turned into a self-declared Bird Nerd. I've got feeders all over the place, a bird bath and I even spread some crazy nut butter concoction on the trees with a butter knife for the woodpeckers and nuthatches. (That would be the Downey Woodpeckers and the White Breasted Nuthatch.) See? I'm a total dork.

7) Color Combo - Seriously? Just one? That is utterly impossible. But, I will say that I am always most attracted to color combos that utilize both warm and cool hues.

8) Beauty staple - A good black waterproof mascara. I feel naked without it. Right now I'm using Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara in Deep Black.

9) TV show - I have a few guilty pleasures in this area. (Don't we all?) If I'm working from home, I (embarrassingly) try to time my lunch break with Bold and the Beautiful. (I can't believe I just typed that. It didn't seem so bad until I said it *out loud*.) And I'm also a sucker for The Real World. I've been watching it since season one, though I keep swearing I will stop because it has officially turned into a booze and sex fest. Maybe I'm just getting old, but didn't the cast members used to seem to want to DO something with their lives? Anyway, I still watch it. I guess you could say I love to hate it.

10) Book - Too many to list! I have a pretty good collection of color and design books which I rely on for inspiration. I especially love vintage design books and try to pick them up at estate sales. Some of them are cheesy but some have some really good design perspectives. I love to read what was said about design 50 to 75 ...or even 100 years ago. I feel like design was talked about in a much less frivolous manner. These books help to broaden my perspective on what design is and why is is such an important part of our lives.
And, when I'm not reading about design and color, you can often find me with a good chic-lit book in hand. Another guilty pleasure.

11) Game - I grew up playing cards. We used to play this game called "Oh, Hell!" Too much fun. I seldom meet anyone who plays, but when I'm hanging with card playing friends it's a good one to teach them.

12) Piece of furniture - The green dresser my dad built for me. (See blog post: here.)

13) Childhood memory - I always used to get pretty excited for the holidays...and not just presents at Christmas. I think it was all those decorations. Each holiday had a box or two in the attic with its name on it. Halloween was always super exciting because there were silly costumes in the boxes. I LOVED playing dress-up. One year I was Princess Leia with one of those cheap-o plastic masks that made your face sweat. I remember wearing it when my piano teacher came to the house and not wanting to take it off for my lesson. Not sure how that one ended up. I also loved coloring eggs at Easter. One Easter egg-dying session was particularly memorable as The First Time I Heard Mom Swear. She spilled an entire cup of red dye on the floor and I thought it was so cool that she said "s*%#" in front of me.

(Sorry, Mom. But it was cool.) I think I was shocked at first, and then we both started laughing. I loved that she showed me a side that wasn't perfect.

14)Most grateful for: I don't know if this is what I'm most grateful for, but one thing I feel very fortunate to have is the gift of choice. I am not beholden to anything or anyone and that is something that I try not to take for granted. I can choose what to say, how to feel, where to go, who to be with and who to be. So often we can get bogged down in our choices - either the ones we've made already or the ones we need to make - but it's important to remember, especially as a woman, that our ability to make our own choices in our lives is a huge gift. It's the ultimate freedom.

15) something you do differently than most? That's hard to answer, because we all *do* something differently. And it depends on who I am comparing myself to. I do plenty of things differently than the friends I grew up with or my family, but I also do many things the same. And I do a lot of things the same as other bloggers and designers, but quite a few things differently. I think it's important to not be so hung up on comparing ourselves to other people and instead just focus on who we want to be and what we want to accomplish in our lifetimes. Maybe that perspective is "what I do differently"?

Thanks, Emily. That was a fun interview!


Thank you so much Kelly!  Hands down love your answer to #14!  My mom always instilled that in me as well and helped motivate me to follow my dreams.  Yeah- Girl Power!
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  1. Thanks Emily for the great interview with Kelly :- ) It's fun to get to know her a bit better :-)

    I love Kelly's colourful blog and the awesome green dresser that her dad made for her :-) I play Oh Hell whenever I get together with a couple of my aunts, only we call it Oh Shit :-) And I lose every time, so I'm the one saying Oh Shit the most!

  2. Emily, thank you so much! What a lovely post. You are too sweet. I wish we would have met in school, but we will meet in person soon.

    Now, I hope I haven't scared away all your readers with my crazy answers.

    (Kelly - can't believe you know Oh Hell!! We will have to play sometime. Wonder if there is a virtual version...)

  3. This was a fun interview! I know Kelly...sort of.. well, we spent a few hours together last year , and she helped me with colors in my house. But now I know her a little better!

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