Friday, November 11, 2011

getting glamified

 My birthday was a couple months ago (thirty...again) is what I coined it.  Last year I had given birth to my second baby, Isabel, days before my 30th birthday and was in no spirit to be celebrating MY big 3-0.  I was engulfed in my new life:  mother of 2- sleep deprived, elated and overwhelmed.  I now had an adorable newborn and an 18 month boy.  Hands full - yes!

2011 posed a new year, a new start.  I am finally getting my groove back and my sister thought it would be fun to do a glamour shoot.  SO not typical 'Emily' so we went all out- full make-up, hair, costume jewelry, location shoot- the whole bit!  I was hesitant at first but ended up having a blast, here are the results!
a little bit of serious
a LOT of silly
I think I tapped into my 16 yr old adolescent self here.  ha!
 We were trying to capture the 'model' face.  Empty, open lip, serious face, ruched hair.
In the Julia Morgan building- incredible!

Getting Beautiful!
make-up with Elizabeth
nice hair lady!

End of a LONG day but so happy!  Em & Coco
 Thank you to the ever so talented Sarah Deragon for helping me get my groove back.

ALL PHOTOS:  Portraits to the People

For more amazing photography, check out Sarah's blog here.
If you have any interest in doing a shoot like this, go here!  It's a blast.


  1. beautiful images of a beautiful lady! I love how the pics have captured so many moods/sides of you. lovely.

    (photo shoots feel so odd, don't they? I've got my own coming up here soon... )