Monday, November 21, 2011

what are you thankful for?

 Here is a little snap shot of the mantle.  To decorate, I placed various sized jugs and vases filled with tree branches and white roses.  Simple Simple and yet festive!

I know I'm THANKFUL for about a million things this year.  The list goes on and on.
My amazing family, my kiddos, my hubby for being so supportive, my growing business, it goes On and On!
It's holiday time, yes it is!  We love it and hate it, don't we?!
I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving- ever.  Luckily I'm just responsible for the Turkey so if all else fails, we'll eat pie.   woo hoo!
I've been so busy, I'm forgetting about the decorating aspect.  How is that possible?!  I've got to pull something out of my hat for this festive day.
I'm thinking an easy DIY project, a nice mantle, flowers, branches, OR {what may be very special for our family}-  A Giving Tree!  We want to teach the kids a nice lesson, I thought it'd be fun to create a giving tree.  When all the guests arrive, they can put a card on a tree noting what they are most thankful for.

Here's a start, I made this last night, I got the idea from a fun Etsy artist, below.
I cut out the letters from card stock and hung the letters on rope I had laying around. 

I'll take better pics over the holiday!  cute and simple!

The original idea from Paperklip which I spotted on Pinterest- more ideas here.

This should be easy enough, right?!  Pine cone garland, so fun!
 I better get busy time is running out!

Do you have a quick and easy decor plan?!   Share some fun ideas with me!


  1. cute! can't wait to see more pics. Happy Thanksgiving, Emily.

  2. Love it Em! Those pine cones are so you! Enjoy the family time!

  3. I have awarded you with the Liebster Blogger award. Thanks for being so inspiring!

    Check it out here:

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