Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear San Francisco, I LOVE YOU!!- Part II

There are a million great neighborhoods in SF, I love seeing them transform over the years.  I used to live in Hayes Valley/NOPA area for awhile.  It was a pretty cute area to begin with 4 years ago but it's grown and changed so much in the past couple years!  I have enjoyed watching the area develop as some great new stores have popped up, along with some delicious restaurants & sweet spots.
Let me show you some of my faves.
Best drip coffee joint- Blue Bottle Coffee, also love that it's run out of a little alley street- Linden St.    A little urban pleasure if you ask me.

'Miette' or little crumb in French boasts some pretty incredible Parisian Macaroons, Chocolate Eclairs & Gingerbread Cupcakes.  Did you notice the wallpaper- too cute!
Made to order ice cream that uses liquid nitrogen and a special mixer to simply, quickly, and consistently churn the perfect scoop.  You gotta check out their how to video here.  The flavors are very de-lish and unique to each season. 
photos courtesy of Sarah Deragon

If you want a great spot to find bright colored pillows, accessories, rugs & mirrors- gotta come in here.  The owner of Lotus Bleu, Jeannie Fraise who is also an interior designer has great eye for color!


I always enjoy a good spot with outdoor seating.  Their beet salad is a great treat after a day of shopping.

A go to spot for Upholstery, a bonus- it's made in California!


Funky, fresh with a twist.  Room Service has some great finds for the modern traditional style homes in SF.  Vintage inspired pieces with an updated appeal.
There are beautiful Edwardians (and Victorians) sprinkled throughout this neighborhood.  Great colors everywhere and don't you love the foliage on this house!


The Urban Farm:  Hayes Valley Farm which they also call a Food Freeway Farm.  So smart, considering it was developed on an old freeway ramp.  Near Fell and Laguna, it's a traffic zoo surrounding it but I find it incredible that locals have been able to claim the unused land for something so beneficial to our community. 
Do you have a favorite spot in SF?  What neighborhood should I glamorize next?

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