Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear San Francisco, I LOVE YOU!!

I am nearing my 6 Year Anniversary of living in San Francisco.  I moved here mid-December of 2005 to start a job with a incredible design firm.  I am often blown away when I reminisce about all that has happened to me in those 6 years. It has got to be one of the most incredible times of my life.  Living in this City has changed my life in innumerable ways!

In those 6 years I have:
- Met some of my nearest and dearest friends  (You know who you are.)
- Explored the City with my sister, who moved here just a few months after I did.
- Met my Husband!  woot woot to that! 
- Got married
- Had two amazing kids
- And now...have started my own interior design business!
Can I get an Amen?
There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for all that I have.  Even though (especially July-September) I complain about this fog ridden City, 90% of the time I really love it to pieces!
Not only is it filled with family and friends but also many treasures, breath-taking views, museums, restaurants, ocean, Bay, Bridges- oh my!
The list is endless and I find that my children are so so so lucky to grow up in an amazing area like this.  I wanted to give a few shouts this week to a few of my top faves of this town!

Richmond/Presidio Area:
-Golden Gate Bridge-
Maybe a tiny bit cliche because SF is always represented by that bridge but Hello!? It's incredible.  It's moments away from my home, we often drive through the Presidio just to get a peek.  My kids love driving over it seeing the views on either side.   I will never get sick of those views!

-Presidio/Baker Beach-
I'm less than a mile from Ocean Beach, I can see the water from my roof top.  Albeit a tiny chilly here most of the year to be in a bikini on the beach, a hoodie will do.  Baker Beach is just up the road in the Presidio.  It has views for days and I often feel like it's my own private beach since it's never crowded!

-Golden Gate Park- Even though the city is sprawling with buildings galore, I luckily live right next door to GGPark, which is a Huge park!  3 miles long x .5 miles wide (20% bigger then Central Park!) It houses amazing museums, buffalo, motor boats, horses, tea gardens, daily spotting of Hawks, botanical gardens and trees, so many cool trees.  I don't think I could survive without this park right next to us.

- Restaurants- SF is a culinary city but I often love the little neighborhood joints that aren't an obvious spot to go.  My FAVE breakfast joint is a tiny little place called Eats on Clement St.  They are one of the few places around us that open at 8a.m. so we often head over early on Sunday mornings.  Their Waffles w/ Berries & Cream are to die for!

Stay Tuned for more of my SF Faves this week!

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