Tuesday, June 28, 2011

home on the range

In a couple days I'll be en route to Denver, where I grew up.  I have been gone for over 10 years now, which is hard to believe!  I am definitely a 'California girl' now but I have a huge soft spot for Colorado.  It brings me such joy to visit my parents with my husband & kids {especially since they introduced us in the first place!  I still love that Andy has to call Barbara 'mom' now!  eheh}  We still have a lot of great friends there and I love bringing my children back home to show them all the things I grew up doing, exposing them to the amazing landscapes and the incredible blue sky that shines over head more than 200 days out of the year!  

'Vintage' Colorado.   My dad is a vintage car collector, actually he builds them from the ground up, '69 Dodge being one of his favorites.  This reminds me of roadster runs and the many road trips we did as kids.

This has to be one of my favorite places on Earth!  Before I moved, I had a girls weekend with my mother and sister near here, we woke up super early and hiked in from Aspen.   I remember it being so peaceful and serene.  No people yet,  just our quiet conversation, incredible views and deer milling around the meadow. 

Who doesn't love a good Aspen tree, especially in the Fall!
Long open roads & breath taking scenery

An abandoned farm, with a cool old rusty truck, a little bit of country for ya.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

new york says, "I DO!"

I have to say a hooray to another state making progress and showing the Nation that this is the direction to go.  Fitting as the 41st annual Pride celebration kicks off in SF right now.   We are next San Francisco!  My sister and her wife just celebrated a wedding this past April, wouldn't it be nice to have it recognized by the 'people'?!   Rainbow flag from Castro Dist.

Friday, June 24, 2011

book nook

My son loves to read, I often find him squatting down on the wood floor staring over his Richard Scarry Cars & Trucks book.  I stop and think, wouldn't he be more comfortable on a nice big cushy reading chair?!  He's 2, so...he probably doesn't care.  But I would love to design him an incredible book nook one day.  Here are a few that I find to be pretty incredible! 
To dedicate an entire room to a cool hang out reading room, yes please!

A practical solutions for small spaces.

Carved out nook or a large space with bright white light
Good thing I have a daughter too, because I love this girly space & walls of books!  Or just one simple book wall, cozy rocker and funky ottoman- very fun!

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

favorite summer buds

Yesterday was the first day of Summer!  Hooray!  I always think of girly sun dresses, beach days, messy hair, longer days and flowers!  Typically, I have some sort of floral arrangement in my house year round but summertime is when my favorite bud of all is in season, the peony!  A design masterpiece.   Living in the foggiest city on the planet makes it especially important to add a splash of color and joy to the rooms in my home. 

Love the soft pastels!  Brilliant table display with a floral sketch underneath the plant.  Would be a cool centerpiece for an afternoon picnic.  via decor8

Gently placing some buds in a vintage can, {smart} via decor 8.  Also love the contrast of the pink peonies on the blue striped table cloth. via vintage glamorous

Single Gerbera daisies in individual glass vases, so simple but striking!  via decor8   below: Adorable floral arrangement on home office desk of Rhiannon who is a fantastic wedding stylist and blogger.  Images via MadebyGirl

I Love the floral combo of the arrangement {left}, peonies with hints of rosemary, fern and a new one to me Kangaroo Paw.  via design*sponge     Really utilize the entire rainbow with this display, thanks Erika for finding such fun colorful images!

I think my current Fav combo is yellow and slate gray!  I'm adjusting my interior design look with these colors {coming soon} and I'm drawn to everything with that combo.  images via snippet&ink.    I appreciate floral design in so many ways!  It's all about layering until you get it just right... same goes for decorating & accessorizing a home!    {left image}


Monday, June 20, 2011

wall trees

I have to show off a fun project one of my besties created a couple years ago.  Mimi is an uber creative, fashion designer, graphic mastermind, seamstress, do-it-all kind of girl.  She currently resides in an awesome loft in Brooklyn with very, very high ceilings.  Being a home body she decided she wanted to spice up her walls as she was home creating one of her masterpieces.  Look at her blog and you'll know what I mean!  I used this as an inspiration for my kids' room.

Before Shots {and yes, that is her cat climbing up the wall as she tapes off the trees!}

The Final Product!
Masking Tape - (blue kind)
Roller + Extension Stick
Paint Pan
Drop Clothes

1. Tape the imagery you want with masking tape
2. Tape off the edges of the wall
3. Prime the edges of the wall first with the brush then use the roller for the rest of the wall
4. Paint the edges first then roll on the rest.
5. Carefully remove all tape
6. You're done, enjoy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

on-line mags

Coming back into the design world after taking time away, I feel like I've been asleep for 2 years and waking up to a whole new world!  The economy took a huge shift, retailers responded and so did our clients.  Designers don't hold the same role as they did 3-4 years ago.  So much product is available on-line, magazines shifted to an on-line format & clients are getting more Internet savvy. 

In the beginning I was a bit resistant but once I really examined the on-line design industry more closely I am appreciating everything out there!   On-line mags being one of my new favorites!  I've always used inspirational images as part of my preliminary presentation to clients.  Now it's so much easier to drag & drop vs. printing, scanning, posting & gluing presentation boards. 
I have to give props to a few of my new fav sources!

{I think they select some of the most interesting interiors, I can't get enough!  The creator Michele Adams also has a great line of product offered at rubiegreen.com.  One smart woman!}

{Rue provides such a fun variety of projects, Crystal & Anne really know what they are doing!}

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

waterfalls & blue skies

This past Friday I headed out of town with my family to meet our in-laws for our yearly trip to Yosemite.  Getting out of town wasn't exactly relaxing or easy with our children, an over packed car and a baby running a high fever but once we were there, I was finally able to---exhale. 
We rented a great cabin in the Wawona area which provided each family with their own space and room to spread out.  My husband's family grew up coming here since they were kids and has nothing but fond memories, climbing rocks and skipping stones here with his 3 older brothers. 
Being that he was a geologist and spent time here studying in years past, it's very fun to watch him show our son the same rocks he once climbed and studied. 
For me, coming from Colorado I grew up around majestic mountains but I must say, nothing compares to the incredible views that Yosemite National Park provides and the Waterfalls, oh the waterfalls!  

hanging with my Isabel creek side

A rare moment of relaxation at the Wawona Hotel

Dad & Aden checking out a waterfall

The Money Shot
Half Dome- Incredible!

Our family hike up Snow! 

Getting a free ride


Headed Home...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fabric Frame- DIY

This weekend I received my LOVE print from MadeByGirl.  I originally thought I would find a funky vintage frame and spray paint it a bright color.  With my impatience, I wanted it up and framed ASAP!  This past weekend (June in SF = still cold and rainy) I thought it'd be fun to stay in and try a little DIY project.

Loving this new grapefruit color in my space.
Luckily, I had the right size IKEA Ribba frame lying around.
A yard of Chiang Mai Dragon fabric from F.Schumacher- One of my Favs!
 A little cutting, a glue gun and off I go.  Being that I was home alone with my 2 little kiddos, I was battling them grabbing the glue gun & fabric scraps so I didn't get good 'process' pics.  Instead I just got a lot of glue gun burns while working fast.  ha!

Close up of the frame edge.  It's as easy as wrapping a present!

The finished product!

Monday, June 6, 2011

nursery for two

My son Aden was born in March 2010 and 18 short months later Isabel was born...!  Two babes under two which meant two cribs!  Aden's cute little nursery needed to become the guest room and we decided to have the kids share the bigger room.     {gasp}
Trying to decide on a somewhat gender neutral room design was fun, I kept the colors bright.  I mixed orange, lavender, baby blue and lime green.  I chose two different colorways of polka dot bedding from Dwell at Target and a fun zebra patterned rug.
 Peek-a-boo... Aden hiding during our family photo shoot

Inspired by a good friend's living room, I painted two large panels behind the cribs to look like graphic trees.  The dark brown crib was mine, my mother saves everything!  

One of my favorite things, the Bird Mobile!  DIY post to follow soon!
Aden and dada playing with bird mobile.
Baby Isabel
Isabel ended up sleeping in the guest room for about 6 months until she got her sleep groove figured out, now that she is 9 months old the two are finally co-habitating in their room together!  I have to say, it's pretty cute reading the both of them good night stories.   First thing out of Aden's mouth when he wakes up is usually "where's Isabel?"  I love my two babes!
little details, vintage top belonged to my parents, piggy bank
 antique chair, seat upholstered in thomas paul fabric, pillow Hable Construction
baby feet, my favorite!

*all images via dahlia portrait