Wednesday, August 31, 2011

outfit a room {mama and baby}

I've been into yellow and grey lately, a phase- maybe, I'm not sure.  But I like it. 
I like it in fashion, I like it in interiors, I like it. 
Simple as that.
Inspired by a nursery project I am working on now, I am playing around with a yellow & grey nursery for baby and fashion for mama.

That's me, thank you polyvore for working it out.  J.crew, Anthro, Coach (not in my budget but I love!)

This was a color scheme I just proposed for a client's nursery package.  I'm excited to see how it all turns out in a couple months!  Stayed tuned!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Office Space

I've been thinking, all office, all the time lately.  Ridden with massive amounts of creative energy,  I feel like I need to pump up my {home} office space, GET ORGANIZED, and create space for all these ideas.  It's been on the bottom of my 'to do' list, as I wade through my daily's just floating along in my sea of unorganized papers and fabric samples.

I think I will be obsessing over this for awhile, if I do enough creative outpouring of MY office design, hopefully I'll see a pattern, design my space and make it happen.
Let's get designing people- for Myself!

First order of business- a kick butt inspiration board.  Liking the all white as a backdrop so my ideas will pop off the boards!  Let's not forget some great storage and fun accessories so it won't look so 'office-y.'

Organizing books and magazine by color and size.  Order, I need order.

Very clean and grown-up.  High storage & low storage, but where is my footstool, I'm a shorty.

Hum... open shelves, Ikea bookcase, with interesting storage cubes, some open for accessories, and great fabric bins.  I'm liking the pattern desk chair.  Although not ergonomic and I'm thinking I need that over fashion here!  ha!

Like the wallpaper background and the little touch of Pink! 

Cute, a little bit diva but totally functional. 

Itty Bitty clean modern space, maybe maybe...

Simple but textured, warm, cozy, but thinking I need more space to sprawl out!

Where am I headed here....???!!!
{all images via pinterest}
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

it's her party

My baby girl is turning one this weekend!  I can hardly believe it!  It's definitely been one of the most challenging years of my life; bringing Isabel into the world just 18 short months after my son Aden.  I'm here now to say, we made it!  And so proud of the little sweetie she is becoming.
Isabel was born an 'old soul' we think.  She seems like the type of child who just isn't comfortable being stuck in a baby body.  She's ready to take this world by storm.
She took her first steps a couple weeks ago, she's been repeating words & imitating her brother with his car sound effects.  My favorite times with her lately are the family tickle sessions before bed.  She's comfortable jumping into the dog pile and let me tell you, seeing her brother make her laugh is the best feeling!
  She's an attention grabber to say the least, commanding attention with her flirty eye lashes and saying "Hiiii" to strangers everywhere we go.  
I wish I had the energy to create an uber cute birthday party for her, we'll see if I can pull off a cute flower arrangement, fruit/french toast kabobs and maybe some helium balloons.  Ha!
   Here's to dreaming...
photos by my amazing sister

you think I can pull it off?!  ya, we'll see!  In love with the pink cupcakes w/ sparkly silver sprinkles and silver dragees!  maybe I'm living vicariously through her, just a tad??  {images via my pinterest}

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sleeping in style- cribs

How cool is your baby!?  I've been researching super modern baby cribs for a client for the past week, so that is all that has been on my mind.  All white, white with walnut, open ends, storage beneath, thick rails, thin rails, detail on ends, chunky or do I go ultra stylish with Rachel Zoe's Spot on Square crib with lucite sides?!   Decisions!?
Tamera Honey of House of Honey just introduced the Uptown series- so cool!  Or there is the Regency Crib by the New Traditionalists.  Not only do they have cool kids furniture but their other furniture is very cool with a little edge out of the ordinary.

Or super clean lines and super modern, I'm liking (from left to right)   David Netto Moderne Crib  |  Luxo Crib by Bloom   |    ROH Crib by Spot on Square  |  Nursery Works Studio Crib
Need to decide if my angle is more uptown or downtown.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

she's got the look... sarah deragon!

The many many amazing women friends (& family) I have in my life have inspired me to do a series called
'she's got the look.' 
I recently hired my sister {who is an amazing photographer} do some mother and child shots for me and some updated headshots.  She has recently re-branded her photography business and changed her name to Portraits to the People!  I thought it was a great time to give her a shout-out and spread the word on some pretty kick ass talent! 

The photos speak for themselves, she's incredible at capturing people's true personality.  She loves doing lifestyle shots, kids, parties, events, head shots- and often corporate with an edge shots, the list goes on and on! 

I am so lucky to have a photographer in the family. Enjoy this small sampling of her work, believe me it was impossible to just select a handful, she has too many good images to choose from!  If you want more of a good thing...
web  |  blog  |  pinterest   |  facebook

a little sample of my headshots

beautiful ladies- lifestyle shots.  Wow!

The insanity of trying to wrangle 2 kids for 15 mins of photos.  Chaos does provide for some good moments.

Young love and senior pics.

Custom portrait session, can you say-gorgeous!?!
If you are interested in a shoot with Sarah, please tell her I sent you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mirror this

I hate to admit that this is my fireplace mantel.  As a designer I feel like my home should reflect my personal style and taste.  This is Ick.  Maybe I'm too consumed in motherhood and other people's homes and have left mine by the way side.
My excuse is that we are still renting for another year and I don't feel the pride of ownership to make the space incredible! 
Check out the current condition of my fireplace; yup- with yoga mats, children toys and icky accessories galore.  C'est la vie.
We are in our place for another year so I figure I should at least invest in a great mirror to spice it up and still be able to take it with us to our new home. 
I feel like any of these styles would translate into my decor now or in the future.

what style should I go for?
{all images via my pinterest}

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ethnic Nursery

I love working on look books for new clients!  {Especially when it feels like I'm designing for my own home.} 
I'm loving this vibe and may have to rethink my own toddler room designs.
  • Ouef Crib
  • Moraccan pouf
  • Raoul Textile drapes
  • Rikshaw baby bedding
  • Antropologie zig zag chair- I've got to have it!
  • 1, 2, 3, dresser- Antrho
  • Serena & Lily bookshelf
  • Serena accessories
  • Rhododendron Chandelier
  • Calypso Barth Rug
Please contact me if you'd like more information on e-decorating packages!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

fall color trends

I was chatting with a girlfriend of mine the other day about what we were predicting for Fall color trends.  I always tend to look at fashion first because it starts there, then makes it's way over to my interior world.
Could you glam up pastels in the Fall, fight the typical deep, dark colors?
I also wonder if the trends are the same nation wide?  Is plum huge in Cali but in Boston it's all about red?
My top picks are gold and plum.  What are your predictions?!

sofa     fashion    living     wall
fashion  living  dining  bedding

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

living large. or shall we say- small?

It's serendipitous when you are in the midst of searching everywhere for inspiration for small spaces, then bam- this video link from House Beautiful was e-mailed to me from a friend.  Thank you!
I have two small projects going on right now, one being a 660 sq ft one bedroom apartment that needs to poetically house 2 adults, 1 toddler, and a full sized dog, oh and a baby on the way!

I find that some of these smaller projects actually require bigger ideas, it's a challenging to say the least.   Can't wait to see how this project unfolds and how I can make a small space fabulous & graceful for a growing family.  Let's get space planning!

Kicking off my small pad obsession is Nick Olsen's 300 sq ft Brooklyn apartment.  Yes 300 sq feet!

This mirror {super fab}, the reflection adds depth to the space.  An entire seating area too, with fantastic pops of color.  I am loving.  Also notice the green accent paint on the door molding.  That detail was carried throughout all doors in the space, including the kitchen cabinets.

Attention to detail is key!  Every item in the space was factored into create a cohesive look.   I love the kitchen cabinets and the green plaid back splash!

Striking piece of art and again, tying in the green color into every area.  Here ,a green contrast welt on the sofa.

My favorite element is this painted dresser.  It's a tagged DIY project for my home now!

Overall, amazing that he created a high style home with such limited space.  Red tansu chests as nightstands- check.  Tons of storage- check.  Desk- check.  Green ribbon trim on drapes- check.   Nice touches Nick!
{all images courtesy of Triple Max Tons}

guest spot at small shop today!

I am so excited to be a guest blogger on Erika's shop talk blog today!  She runs a logo and brand development company called "small shop {a brand styling studio}" out of southern california.
She is destined for greatness with all the talent she's carrying around!  She is blowing it out of the park with her ideas and definitely has an eye for great fashion & interiors.
Please head over to small shop today and see some of my everyday favs!

Thanks Again Erika for the feature

a peek from that girl's pad, featured on her sweet blog!

Monday, August 8, 2011

IKEA undercover

For weeks {ok months} my former hometown folks have been buzzing about their excitement for the grand.........arrival...........of..........................IKEA.  Yes, IKEA has step foot into the front range- Denver, Colorado.  Yippie! 
I suppose I can't tease my buds for their excitement, I do remember the first time I stepped foot into an IKEA back in 2000.  At the time, I was living in Southern California and a former boss brought me along to help make selections in order to spruce up the old office.  I was in design school, so this was pretty exciting.  11 years later, the excitement has definitely faded.  Now I just think of the hassle & the over-stimulation of the entire experience.  Trying to haul heavy boxes of MDF crap into the back seat of my car, trying to justify why I just bought that and that and- what is that?!   
With all this said, I will continue to shop there and I was so excited to see someone finding a great techinique to make IKEA not look so, well, IKEA-esque.   Danika & Cheryle's O'verlay biz, yes!

I was recentely introduced to these girls Danika & Cheryle who began marketing overlays on IKEA pieces.  Check this out!  Not only does it look very cool on furniture, but they've applied it to doors, screens and wardrobes.  I've got to try this out.
"O'livia" & Greek Key applied on the MALM dresser.
Who hasn't owned a LACK table at some point in their life.  At least it's got more personality here!

I hope to own a home in the near future and it's promising to see some cool bathroom/kitchens done with the product as well.  IKEA Hackers is full of great construction ideas.  Will be adding a few of these to my DIY file.
Happy hunting new Ikea shoppers, bring a snack and wear comfortable shoes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rise and Shine

Happy Monday!  
After walking in on my 2 year old {luckily, very carefully} climbing out of his crib the other day, I realized I better hustle and get him into a toddler bed ASAP.  Don't want any disasters with him climbing out and tumbling onto our wood floors.  
I want something interesting, preferably not the ordinary store bought bed, something DIY or unique!  No Lightning McQueen race car beds, although, I'm sure he'd love that.  
Do I go the upholstered headboard route?  Upholstered base?  Custom wood?  
Anyone have any brilliant suggestions?!

This would be ideal but how can my sons bed be cooler than mine!?  I am so in love with the orange upholstered headboard {and over-sized kid pics above}!  Or the fully upholstered bed with contrast welt- yes! 

Appreciating a good DIY project for a temporary piece of furniture, why not a cool fabric on a DIY base or a daybed?  Would be great for future sleep overs, maybe...maybe?

This is closest to our current vibe, find a vintage bed and paint it a bright color. 

Kidding, only kidding!  really people!?
Good night, sleep tight...