Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Junk in the Trunk Bed by SOBU

I got my son his big boy bed!
I had my eyes on this upholstered bed from SOBU for quite some time, months actually.  I posted a few ideas about my ideal toddler bed here back in August.  I've been waiting until the time was right and yesterday everything sort of fell into place!
Aden had mentioned over the holiday that he was "ready for a big boy bed" so the pressure was on.

On Monday a good friend of mine e-mailed me a special from SOBU noting the Junk in the Trunk Bed was on a major sale, like $250 off sale!!  (which is still valid until the end of today 12/1!) 
I couldn't pass up a good deal so the bed is now en route to our home!
Take a closer look at this goodness.  The bonus, SOBU is family run and local to the Bay Area!
          If you love this bed as much as I DO, go buy one! 
We set up a special sale where they are offering a 20% discount ($165 0ff) through the end of the month when you tell them Lucite + Lavender sent you!
 Designed by husband and wife team; Alessandro & Laleh Latini, it's not doubt they have an impeccable design eye.  I love their idea of clean upholstery, contrast welt and the fabulous storage at the foot of the bed.                                            Look at this adorable family!

Here is my inspiration board based off this awesome bed!  I have the other items in the room with orange everywhere- how perfect.  Now I just need to find super cool bedding.  Got any ideas!?  I'm thinking blue & white...

Monday, November 28, 2011

case study

Thanksgiving holiday was a blast!  I was too inundated with pumpkin pie to do much blogging.  But I'm back!
Over the break my ancient iPhone finally bit the dust.  I have my new iPhone4S on order and should be here any day.  The designer in me can't wait to pick my case!  Such a dork, I know but there are so many cool ones out there!
Which vibe best represents me...
Our family tries to keep things simple over the holiday and go light on the gifts, simple is best in our house!  BUT these gadgets are so cool!  Maybe Santa will bring me an extra case for the Holiday since I can't pick just one?!  Maybe, maybe... Help me choose!

What case do you have?

Monday, November 21, 2011

what are you thankful for?

 Here is a little snap shot of the mantle.  To decorate, I placed various sized jugs and vases filled with tree branches and white roses.  Simple Simple and yet festive!

I know I'm THANKFUL for about a million things this year.  The list goes on and on.
My amazing family, my kiddos, my hubby for being so supportive, my growing business, it goes On and On!
It's holiday time, yes it is!  We love it and hate it, don't we?!
I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving- ever.  Luckily I'm just responsible for the Turkey so if all else fails, we'll eat pie.   woo hoo!
I've been so busy, I'm forgetting about the decorating aspect.  How is that possible?!  I've got to pull something out of my hat for this festive day.
I'm thinking an easy DIY project, a nice mantle, flowers, branches, OR {what may be very special for our family}-  A Giving Tree!  We want to teach the kids a nice lesson, I thought it'd be fun to create a giving tree.  When all the guests arrive, they can put a card on a tree noting what they are most thankful for.

Here's a start, I made this last night, I got the idea from a fun Etsy artist, below.
I cut out the letters from card stock and hung the letters on rope I had laying around. 

I'll take better pics over the holiday!  cute and simple!

The original idea from Paperklip which I spotted on Pinterest- more ideas here.

This should be easy enough, right?!  Pine cone garland, so fun!
 I better get busy time is running out!

Do you have a quick and easy decor plan?!   Share some fun ideas with me!

e-design: 5 Year old Girls Room

So part II of my super fun NYC e-decoration project consists of their middle child- a 5 yr old girl.  My original post about their oldest daughter is here.   The girls are very different, the oldest is a little quieter and more subdued.  Where as the 5 year old is super outgoing, very active, bubbly and silly.  She is all about pink pink pink.  I am into that but wanted it to be a shade that wouldn't be cutesy.  A color that would be great now and in 5 years.
Immediately, I was inspired by the Madeline Weinrib Hot Pink rug I saw in a room here and the Casamidy Opium mirror in Pink from Lotus Bleu. 
Inspiration Board
To tone down an entire pink room, I added pops of teal blue and browns. If the Madeline rug ended up being out of budget I also found this great bright pink rug from Calypso Barth.  Bedding is from Serena & Lily & Rikshaw DesignPouf is from Urban Outfitters and what a steal for $50!
This is where we started, I can't wait to see where we end up!
 Do you like this room!?  E-Decoration Packages are affordable and fun!  Contact me here for more information!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

{guest post} from Mimi Shim: DIY multi-use desk

 Ready for a cool DIY project?!
Enjoy my super talented guest blogger today- Mimi Shim from New York!
It's been said before and again and again... space is at a premium here in NYC.  I'm sure Bangkok and Tokyo feel our pain too - maybe even more so!  With that said, more versatile the space the better.  It's definitely helpful to be a little creative and a little thrifty.

We needed a really long and sort of narrow desk for our computer and music equipment - in the bedroom.  Deciding that the size of table we needed is hard to find and much too expensive, we made our own.

My husband's work place recently moved and were getting rid of some wooden doors, so he took one and had it cut in half lengthwise, and notched out parts where we wanted the cords to go. Since the surface wasn't very nice, we stuck Vyco on top of it for a smooth, easy to clean (and modern) surface. I love this stuff, it can be stuck on with double stick tape to just about any flat surface. Architects use it for drafting because it's a nice writing surface.

For the table legs, we used 4 pieces of steel 1.5" square tubing, welded 6"x6" steel squares to the top of each tube, and drilled adjustable rubber feet to one end of each leg. The steel is from and the rubber feet are from Thanks to a friend of ours with metal welding equipment, Zach was able to weld the pieces together himself. We had to make our own legs because our building is so old the floors slope, so the feet had to be super adjustable.

Table top: Free
Legs: $78.41
Feet: $72.48
Vyco: $111.62
Total: $262.51

Pre-made table legs are available online too. Here is a large selection of wooden legs available at affordable prices - depending on the type of wood you want. For metal legs here are some options and for vintage inspired iron bases here are some other options. For table tops your local wood supply shop should be able to cut any kind of wood to any size for you.  Or - if you are even more thrifty, scouring antique and second hand shops for wood to re-purpose would be another option. The possibilities are endless! Also, Design*Sponge had recent post about DIY furniture, the book (which I have yet to get). Happy creating!

Mimi is a super extra ordinarily talented fashion designer, seamstress, craftsperson and all around cool chick!  Please check out her blog here.