Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I am living it up in Colorado for the Holiday, my first Christmas here in almost 12 years!  I missed experiencing the holiday during a cold winter, seeing decorations galore, people who actually put up lights and SNOW!
  I  hope everyone is having as good of a time as we are.  
Happy Holidays!

card by: Tiny Prints
Photo credit: Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear San Francisco, I LOVE YOU!!- Part II

There are a million great neighborhoods in SF, I love seeing them transform over the years.  I used to live in Hayes Valley/NOPA area for awhile.  It was a pretty cute area to begin with 4 years ago but it's grown and changed so much in the past couple years!  I have enjoyed watching the area develop as some great new stores have popped up, along with some delicious restaurants & sweet spots.
Let me show you some of my faves.
Best drip coffee joint- Blue Bottle Coffee, also love that it's run out of a little alley street- Linden St.    A little urban pleasure if you ask me.

'Miette' or little crumb in French boasts some pretty incredible Parisian Macaroons, Chocolate Eclairs & Gingerbread Cupcakes.  Did you notice the wallpaper- too cute!
Made to order ice cream that uses liquid nitrogen and a special mixer to simply, quickly, and consistently churn the perfect scoop.  You gotta check out their how to video here.  The flavors are very de-lish and unique to each season. 
photos courtesy of Sarah Deragon

If you want a great spot to find bright colored pillows, accessories, rugs & mirrors- gotta come in here.  The owner of Lotus Bleu, Jeannie Fraise who is also an interior designer has great eye for color!


I always enjoy a good spot with outdoor seating.  Their beet salad is a great treat after a day of shopping.

A go to spot for Upholstery, a bonus- it's made in California!


Funky, fresh with a twist.  Room Service has some great finds for the modern traditional style homes in SF.  Vintage inspired pieces with an updated appeal.
There are beautiful Edwardians (and Victorians) sprinkled throughout this neighborhood.  Great colors everywhere and don't you love the foliage on this house!


The Urban Farm:  Hayes Valley Farm which they also call a Food Freeway Farm.  So smart, considering it was developed on an old freeway ramp.  Near Fell and Laguna, it's a traffic zoo surrounding it but I find it incredible that locals have been able to claim the unused land for something so beneficial to our community. 
Do you have a favorite spot in SF?  What neighborhood should I glamorize next?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear San Francisco, I LOVE YOU!!

I am nearing my 6 Year Anniversary of living in San Francisco.  I moved here mid-December of 2005 to start a job with a incredible design firm.  I am often blown away when I reminisce about all that has happened to me in those 6 years. It has got to be one of the most incredible times of my life.  Living in this City has changed my life in innumerable ways!

In those 6 years I have:
- Met some of my nearest and dearest friends  (You know who you are.)
- Explored the City with my sister, who moved here just a few months after I did.
- Met my Husband!  woot woot to that! 
- Got married
- Had two amazing kids
- And now...have started my own interior design business!
Can I get an Amen?
There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for all that I have.  Even though (especially July-September) I complain about this fog ridden City, 90% of the time I really love it to pieces!
Not only is it filled with family and friends but also many treasures, breath-taking views, museums, restaurants, ocean, Bay, Bridges- oh my!
The list is endless and I find that my children are so so so lucky to grow up in an amazing area like this.  I wanted to give a few shouts this week to a few of my top faves of this town!

Richmond/Presidio Area:
-Golden Gate Bridge-
Maybe a tiny bit cliche because SF is always represented by that bridge but Hello!? It's incredible.  It's moments away from my home, we often drive through the Presidio just to get a peek.  My kids love driving over it seeing the views on either side.   I will never get sick of those views!

-Presidio/Baker Beach-
I'm less than a mile from Ocean Beach, I can see the water from my roof top.  Albeit a tiny chilly here most of the year to be in a bikini on the beach, a hoodie will do.  Baker Beach is just up the road in the Presidio.  It has views for days and I often feel like it's my own private beach since it's never crowded!

-Golden Gate Park- Even though the city is sprawling with buildings galore, I luckily live right next door to GGPark, which is a Huge park!  3 miles long x .5 miles wide (20% bigger then Central Park!) It houses amazing museums, buffalo, motor boats, horses, tea gardens, daily spotting of Hawks, botanical gardens and trees, so many cool trees.  I don't think I could survive without this park right next to us.

- Restaurants- SF is a culinary city but I often love the little neighborhood joints that aren't an obvious spot to go.  My FAVE breakfast joint is a tiny little place called Eats on Clement St.  They are one of the few places around us that open at 8a.m. so we often head over early on Sunday mornings.  Their Waffles w/ Berries & Cream are to die for!

Stay Tuned for more of my SF Faves this week!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

all that glitters IS gold

I didn't decorate my house this year.
I thought about it.
I looked at great images. 
I got inspired!  But... we are leaving for 2 weeks over the holiday and I figured, 'why go through all that when the grandparents have decorated enough for an entire village'.  {Their home is amazing, I'll share pics once I get to Colorado.}  My kids will get their fix there, for sure!  I promise I will put some of my DIY glitter garlands to work- next year!  Really, I will.
I love the simple silver & gold accents, even bringing all that glitz until the New Year!
1  2  3  4 

I would love to say I have big plans to celebrate the New Year but really, I'd be happy to go to bed at 8pm!  
I can reminisce about the times when I would stay out all night and live it up.  
I'm happy at home with my family.  
So excited for what is to come in 2012!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Modern Nursery Project- Completed Pics!

This adorable Nursery is complete!  I love the way it turned out!  The client had such a good eye for clean, simple design.  I kept updates of my process here, here & here.  The room needed to be for her 2 year son and still playful enough for the little girl she was expecting.  I think we did a great job!  Take a look.
Overall View:  It was a tight fit getting a crib & toddler bed in there but isn't it Cute?!  
Cozy room for two!

This project was completed using em designs e-decoration package.  If you are interested in more information on this project or would like a quote for a 'room package' please contact me here.
Photos Courtesy of: Portraits to the People

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my phone case!

The winner was... this case from J.Crew!  After searching high & lo for my new case, starting here, I got this one.   I love the bright colors and I can actually find it in my bag.  My 2 yr old says "mom, you painted your phone!"  For some reason the kids know not to touch it- this phone is Mine!  I've gotten a lot of comments on it, good choice!  Very girly.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rustic Modern Family Room w/ ethnic accents

What have I been designing this week?!   I have a great client who hired me at the last minute to work on a remodel that had already broken ground.  She is due with her second child in 3.5 months and has about that long to finish the entire 2nd floor of their home.   The scope included, two bathrooms, a sanctuary for the grown-ups (Master Bedroom Suite) and an incredible Family Room!
I've been on the fast track to get it all done, luckily this is one of the nicest clients who is also quick on her decisions.  Wish it were always this much fun!
Here is a peek at some inspiration ideas for her family room.
  I'm going relatively neutral with the main pieces of the room and will find pops of color within the pillows and rug. The client was strongly affected by a few trips she'd taken to Africa, so we decided to integrate a few aspects that would remind her of her travels.

Let's see what she thinks, then shopping we go!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

nature break

I had the pleasure of driving up to the Sonoma Mountains today.  It is one of my favorite drives! 
I'm helping a fellow designer out with a large design project up there, so I'm able get to go up there pretty frequently. 
From San Francisco I get to see so many landscapes, farm land, animals, vegetation. 
It's pretty remarkable- gotta love California!
headed up the hill through vineyards

through an incredible redwood grove

I love the way the sun sprinkles through the top of the trees

On the other side.  so peaceful! 
I needing this today.

Monday, December 5, 2011

spray paint party- DIY

I decided to do a little spray paint action on a few items in my house that have been driving me crazy.  I had a white IKEA locker that needed a little attention.  I settled on painting it gold- why not, right?!  Then painted the legs a charcoal grey.  Using model car spray paint and enamel for the legs, I figured it would be sturdy and handle my kids banging on it!  We'll see how that goes.
Easy easy project, didn't even have to tape anything!
The grey enamel paint went on like a charm.  Standing on my head to get the underside of the base, the paint started dripping down my hands.  I figured it was a quick wash off after, no problem.  No.  I needed paint thinner to do that and didn't have any!  See below: 
A beautiful soak in nail polish remover and scrubbing my hands raw, still grey.  Smart move girl! 
Next Project!  My Vintage Mirror!
This mirror has been living in the vanity area of my closet for years.  Originally a creamy white {ick}, I finally decided to paint it bright pink!  So girly!  Like my tape job?!   So professional.
I can't wait to get the rest of the space beautified and more girly!