Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bubble bedding

I'm definitely seeing a trend here.  Searching for new bedding for my son I'm coming across a lot of texture in bedding!
Unfortunately, it's not gonna work for this specific project but I'm hoping to use it for something!!
It's perfectly feminine, simple & interesting.

Very excited for this line from sOUP.  It's my uncle's line that's picked up by Anthropologie and ABC Carpet & Home in NYC! Go check them out!
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If you've seen other cool new stuff, please send it along!


  1. Beautiful! Definitely hoping to update my bedding this year and I love the idea of adding colour and texture!

  2. LOVE that bedding. That's your uncle's line?? Do you get to test drive it before it goes to market?? ;)

  3. Tell your uncle Mazel Tov! I've been drooling over his Catalina Charcoal bedding on the Anthropologie site for weeks!