Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainy Days

It's finally kicked into rainy season!  I get to pull out my fave Hunter boots- they are pink, yes they are!  A wonderful shade of pink (which they don't seem to carry anymore).  Like a plum pink.  Anyway, I love trotting around town in my boots.  The kids seem to get a kick out of jumping in puddles and so do I!  Amazing how something so simple can bring us so much joy!  

Cheers to a wonderfully {rainy} creative, idea-filled week!
jacket: J.Crew  boots: Pluie Pluie  
Thanks to a good friend, I got these boots a couple years ago when I was prego with my son.  We actually used them as vases at his baby shower!  Now... they fit my daughter and she loves them!
jacket: Western Chief  boots: Hurley skulls
 I feel like every 3 months I need to buy new shoes for these growing kids.  I think my son would dig the skulls.  Tough guy boots!  Ay Matey!

jacket: Zara  boots: Hunter wellies
 I really need a new 'work' jacket to get me through rain season.  My previous casual 'mom' coats just aren't cutting it.  Can't show up to a meeting like a slob.  I really like the light colored coat.  Man, I need to step up my wardrobe! ; )
jacket: J.Crew  boots: Sorel
Oh, these would look so hot on my hubby.  Gear for a man's man.  Yum.
What am I missing?  A super chic umbrella?  Got any fave picks for your rainy days?

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