Thursday, January 19, 2012

San Francisco Decorator Showcase House- 2012

I'm kicking 2012 off with a bang!  Over the holiday I got invited to submit a room design for the SF Decorator Showcase house.  I was so excited to get an invite!  In '06 & '07 I helped my previous employers {SMDS & JDG} design incredible bedrooms, as seen here & here.
What a treat to be invited 6 years later as a representative of my own firm!  I've come a long way and was so pumped to be a part of this premiere event.  To learn more about the history of the organization, go here.
Over the holiday I began brain storming ideas and really wanted to keep my focus on a kids room.  I love designing rooms for children!
Here is a glimpse at the presentation boards I created for the space(s).  (This year they asked everyone to submit two designs.)

*Selected concept: 
16 year-old girl 'Teen Hang Out' Room

For this concept I was initially inspired by Christian Siriano's colors for Spring 2012.  The main focus is an over-sized vintage chandelier centered over a gigantic sofa pit!  Overall, the colors would be nude/pink with bold pops of persimmon and citron.  A little a-typical color combo but I'm loving it! 
One of my favorite pieces, besides this chandelier, is the neon sign displaying a quote!  Now I just have to find someone to make me one.  wink wink...
With the room being subtle nude/pink throughout, I selected a very cool product (that dear friend has created) to use on the ceiling.  This will be a big Pop for the space!  Re-movable wallpaper!  She's fine tuning her website so stay tuned on that.  A guaranteed big hit!  (Heart pattern above)

Concept Board #2.  5 year-old Boys Bedroom
Not the big winner but I love the idea of installing a swing in a kids room!  Any takers?!
I have been eager to do a room with a custom bunk for quite some time.  The walls were proposed to be painted a vivid Indigo Blue!  Above the blue is a neon yellow stripe, then stark white carried onto the ceiling.    The bunk would be the statement piece, integrating Lucite shelves into the niche.  I sure hope I can do a room like this soon!
In our mad rush to finish, I completely forgot to attach the drape fabric and a couple images for furniture, especially the light fixture!  Oh well!  The drape was a neon green & blue geometric.  So cool! 

The process for showcase:  Once you are invited, they give you a date where you can come by and see the home.  Basically, you get a sneak peak of the house and 5 days later you have to come up with conceptual boards showcasing your design plan for 2 rooms!  Two!  I wanted to provide a prospective drawing, floor plans, fabric samples, furniture, etc...
I felt like I was on a design challenge show!  In the past, I could pull an all nighter but not now being a mother, this girl has got to sleep. 
I am lucky enough to have incredible friends who dedicated time helping me source product and most importantly create these amazing prospective drawings!  Wow, thanks Ladies!
Stay tuned for my process on making this space a reality.

The house opens April 28th, if you are in the area- def come by!


  1. Emily - congratulations! Very exciting. Your boards look great. Can't wait to see the Teen Girl's room come to life. Have fun!

  2. You are so awesome! I know that you worked really hard & I can't wait to see it all come to life. Congrats on your first Decorator's Showcase. And by the way, seeing as I work in a private school in the city, thank you for helping to support the tuition program at University High School by participating in this event.