Friday, January 27, 2012

seeing stripes

I'm in the middle of designing a home for one of my super fun clients.  She has a early 1900's house but her taste is modern.  We've been able to integrate some of her modern tastes into a shell of an older home.  Having to make a lot of adult decisions, like what sort of practical sofa to buy with two young boys around, what tile for the bathrooms, where do install the cable for the TV, do you remove the fireplace?!  Decision decisions. 
I've decided to take a break from all that and play with the kids rooms some!
Their rooms have been pushed to the bottom of the totem pole until we make all our grown up decisions.  But now it's time for the fun stuff!
Two boys, one is 2.5 yrs old and the other, well...he's not born yet!  But I've made room in my busy brain to start thinking about what direction to go with their rooms.  I keep coming back to stripes on the walls!  That is is start and then I'll get rolling with the rest of the design.  Some of my favorite looks vary from thin, to bold, to even on the ceiling!
Maybe a simple stripe is the new 'chevron' trend for 2012. 
all images via my pinterest board


  1. sounds like a fun project, Emily. Love the stripe idea! I did a project a number of years back with wall stipes that looked like a surfboard. let me know if you want a pic.
    Have fun!

  2. I love stripes and recently added them to our guest room wall. They also look amazing on the ceiling! Great inspiration pics! :)

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