Saturday, February 4, 2012

i wheelie like you

My son received his acceptance letter into pre-school this week.  Acceptance letter?!  Is this really happening?  I know this is a huge milestone for him but it's also a huge milestone for me!  A transition out of the home and into the schools.  *insert small tear here
Immediately got me thinking about all the fun relationships I'll develop with his friends' parents, cupcake day for birthdays, homework, PTA meetings!  Will I be the cool mom?
With Valentine's day right around the corner, this schooling business got my creative juices thinking about valentine goodies.  What would I make if I actually had 2 hours to spare at night?  No store bought cheapies but cool hand-made DIY valentines!
Obviously this is much more fun for me than him but hey- who cares!  Maybe I'll wait until next year before I turn into a crazy PTA mom but I'm raring to go. 
I love being a mom.
Recently got hooked on the Crafty Crow where I get a ton of ideas from! 

I think this is the big winner!  Especially for my son- he is a 'car' guy.
for my little love bugs.

who can compete with a useful partying gift?
For the writers in the family, a cute play on words... mom... you like it?!

I figure my craftastic sister would love something like this!

What are some of your past faves?

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  1. Too cute -- I may just steal one or all of these adorable ideas.... and congrats on preschool. Isn't the whole process crazy? But what a fun adventure is in store.