Monday, February 13, 2012

my personal self

After a dwindling blog record these past couple months, I'm trying to come back!

 I am still very new to blogging but man am I happy that I hopped on this train when I did.  It's been a very insightful experience both personally and professionally.  While I was a stay at home mom, I thought about blogging- a lot.  I always had ideas come up at inopportune times, driving to the playground, picking up toys, washing dishes, tuning out a tantrum.  I began jotting these ideas down wherever I could; on a post it note, the back of receipts.  
I knew I had to jump on this.

Starting this blog was simultaneous with taking em design to the next level.  I decided I wanted to work again.  It was a tough decision to go from stay-at-home mom to working mom.   I started working occasionally, 2-3 days a week, slowly getting myself out into the world again.   The other interesting thing about getting back into this in 2011 is that the economy had tanked over the past couple years, I mean tanked.  So I was coming back into design where the entire biz of high-end residential had totally changed!  Clients were different, budgets were different, social networking was huge now, product was more available to the public.

I really had to ‘re-invent’ myself as a designer.  I felt like I bowed out at the perfect time, missed the storm and now I’m back on track when things are picking up again.
I realized one afternoon that I felt more creative and confident than I ever had!  Ever, ever ever.  More than in school, more than when I was super jazzed to get my first job; something about becoming a parent had profoundly changed me.  Duh.  But really, I was booming with energy. 

Motherhood blows me away daily, I am still in awe sometimes as to the person that I've become after becoming a mother.  It has put my life in perspective.  I love what I do for my job, I love my husband (he's my rock), and I love being a mom most of all.  Because for me, at the end of the day, nothing else matters but my family & their happiness.

I feel like that intense love for another human being has actually lightening me up and allowed me to be more creative!  

This is my personal rant, I hope you don't mind!  It feels good to share.

So on this fantastic Valentine's Day, I guess I just have an outpouring of love to share- with everyone!
ella bella floral

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