Friday, March 30, 2012

crafty project... going for it!

EM Design has really been cranking on some fun projects this last month!  I need to post a few snap shots of what I've been up to (will next week)!  With all the craziness of my schedule, I've tried to 'fit in' a quick gig of doing an episode of Room Crashers for HGTV.  We are filming next month, {I'm NOT on camera- phew!} just doing the design and management of executing it.  If you haven't seen the show, look here.  
With a lot of 'design build' on the show and fun DIY projects for the home owners, I thought it would be perfect to try Overlays on an IKEA wardrobe!  Stay tuned for more pics but this is just my initial idea to dress up a Botne wardrobe! I selected the Gigi series, should be so beautiful on this piece!

Stay tuned for the final look!

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  1. Adorei o blog, ótimas idéias! Beijoss