Monday, March 19, 2012

pink is not just for babies

I have been intrigued by blush pink since I started seeing it released in so many Spring 2012 fashion collections.  I wouldn't typically define myself as a girly girl, as I'm more drawn to casual environments and blue jeans much more than Pink.  But lately, I've been really into all things, pink Pink PINK.  So does that make me a girly girl?!  I'm even integrating the fantastic soft color into my new branding identity. 
When it's used right, it doesn't have to be a baby color.  It's soft and sophisticated.  In the room I'm designing for the SF Showcase house,  I'm becoming known as the girl with the 'Pink' room since my walls and trim are all painted this fantastic shade of blush Pink!  {color: C2-2022 Winsome} 
Kate Schintzius' West Hollywood apartment.  With subtle pink walls, gold accents and pattern choices this room boasts a "Palm Beach in the 70's" vibe.  I love everything about this room!
From Elle Decor. (looking for original source)
Pink English Arm Sofa
Pink chevron walls as seen in Apartment Therapy's feature home designed by: Zoe Feldman and Treyin Washington D.C.  Color: Benjamin Moore "Mauve Hint" 878
Super simple & super cute home office by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.


  1. I'm the exact same way about pink! Never considered myself a girly girl at all, but am obsessed with pink lately!! And I agree, it's not girly at all when used the right way. Can't wait to see the room you design!

  2. I love this light shade of pink! The first image is gorgeous! I love the tree mural behind the sofa. Gorgeous space. And how exciting to be a part of a show house! :)

  3. lots of pinks floating around there right now! that c2 color looks beautiful! can't wait to see it.

  4. That tree wallpaper is so amazing. When we use pink color in right manner it can blend into any taste. I am also obsessed with pink!
    ~ Mehul
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