Monday, March 5, 2012

what have you been up to?!

Ok... so you know it's bad when your husband says at dinner, "Babe, you really need to update your blog."  It's not that I haven't wanted to blog, I think about it everyday, my issue is...well, I have a lot going on right now!  Everything happening all at the same time, a lot!
For some reason life went into super fast forward mode in January and I have not had a second to catch my breath.  It's all good things, trust me!  For starters work has picked up a lot.  I currently have a couple fantastic projects that are wrapping up, clients are having babies, I'm installing a project almost every week, Showcase is in full force and I've decided to try to re-brand, design new biz cards and also try to get pro shots of my own home done.  Yup, that is what I'm doing.
I have managed to try to find a few moments of quality family time on the weekends and we really let loose and have fun when we can!

It all started feeling very REAL when I saw my name on the website!
Not a bad spot to check in for site visits!

I have already gotten a couple inquiries from potential clients who have seen my name on here.  What an incredible experience so far and the home isn't even complete yet!
My color scheme for this room has been so much fun to play with!  Drapes with Siriano dresses as inspiration, re-movable wallpaper that is never been used- literally fresh off the press!

Obviously Work is one side of my life, then I also get to spend time doing things like this:
Day trip to Sonoma where we played a the Corner Stone outdoor sculpture garden. Kids loved running around!  And I can't complain that we've had days in the 60's & 70's all winter long.
An actual night away from the kids.  A friend threw a 'Vintage Ski' themed party!  It was a blast, got to spend a night outdoors in the middle of Feb in our funky snow gear.  Great times Kim!  I'm the dork in the vest on the bottom right.

First time taking kids to Tilden Park in Berkeley.  They have an adorable petting zoo right there!  The Bay Area is so great, this is a 10 min drive from the City.  My kids are way into farm animals, Isabel singing "E-I-E-I-O!"
These amazing moments with my kids are what energizes me to power through the crazy growing pains of starting my own business.  I feel blessed to have it all, supportive husband, successful biz and the cutest Kids ever!  I can bask in it, can't I?


  1. OK I adore that wallpaper! Will it be commercially available?

    1. Sure is! Contact her here!