Monday, April 16, 2012

Go Neon!

I know Neon is really big this Spring, and I'm definitely on the bandwagon.  I still remember fondly shopping for the perfect pair of Neon tie-dye shorts in the summer of nineteen eighty...(something).  Well, it's back in 2012 and better than ever!
I created these super cool shelves out of acrylic (Lucite, whatever you prefer- it's plastic!) where I have a 3/4" thick clear acrylic wrapped on (3) edges with 1/8" neon acrylic!   They Glow even with very little light on them.  The result is a million times better than I expected!  So jazzed about this product I made. 

I supported them with rusty metal brackets found at Restoration Hardware.  Just a peek, to see the full room, you have to come to 2020 Jackson in May.  If you are interested in discount tickets, shoot me an e-mail!   As I keep doing my install for Showcase these next couple weeks, I'm sure I'll keep posting photos of details. 

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  1. Hi Emily. I've given you the Liebster Award. You can check it out here