Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding My New Normal

Has the dust settled yet?  Not really and I don't imagine it will anytime soon!  My Showcase room has been a big hit, I've gotten a lot of great press and exposure from doing the room.  I'm meeting other amazing designers and hopefully some fantastic future clients.  One thing I've really loved about doing this room at Showcase house, is you get to feel the reaction first hand, how your designs affect people.  I designed a space that I really liked and genuinely felt like it would be a space 'real' people would love also.  It's attracting people for all the reasons that I wanted it to, it's happy, it's fun, it's innovative and refreshing.
I want people to feel like they can really kick off their shoes and lay back.   Isn't that what home is for?!   It's incredible once I stop and think about how much this one experience has affected my life in so many ways- both personally and professionally.
It is with great enthusiasm that I am now able to jump into my clients' projects who have so graciously waited for me to free up time now that Showcase has installed.
I feel crazy busy, scrambling to hire help and get my office organized.  (Still haven't hung anything on the walls or filed any paperwork since I moved in 3 months ago!)  I think this is my *new* Normal.  I'm learning to embrace it and find time to do things that keep me sane, like sleep, spend time with my family and actually exercise once in a blue moon.  I love my life and feel so lucky that I'm able to be a mother but also a designer.  What more can a girl ask for?!
What's new on the horizon... a few new  projects in the works, here is a sneak peek of one.
   I'm working on a fun project in town that is a Victorian home owned by a young family.  They have modern tastes with an attraction towards bold grey tones!  We're able to play up some of the incredible original mouldings & trim with bold color combinations paired with some wildly fun wallpapers!  I can't wait to see what direction this projects takes!

Excited to try out Clarke & Clarke's wallpaper collection & use one of my favorite patterns from O & L called Teatro.
Is your normal as crazy as my normal?!  How do you handle the balance of a busy work life and home life?


  1. I was so, so inspired by your Showcase room that I'm actually recreating a part of it in my own apartment -- the gorgeous heart-shaped collage of photos! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  2. Congratulations Emily! It's so nice to hear about your well-deserved success!

  3. Such exciting times ahead for you! That's great and very well deserved! :)