Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hey Ombre!

Ombre, Dip-Dyed or hey maybe it's the tie-dye of 2012?  Either way, it's hot right now.  I'm seeing it everywhere from hair color treatments to furniture.  I'm digging it...
Trying to figure out if I can integrate this trendy look into a wall treatment?  Hummm... maybe I should hit up my fave decorative painter Caroline and see what she says?!  A venetian plaster wall with sweet colors, sounds fab!  What's your favorite ombre treatment? 

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I love the DIY pillow and painted dresser, definitely something you could try at home.  And the subtle affect of the gel nails with neutral colors (my new guilty obsession).  I also love the soft hair with light ends, sort of a natural beachy look for summer!

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