Saturday, June 23, 2012

If I were a fashion blogger...

I love clothes, duh, what girl doesn't!?  For the past 4 years I've been in either prego clothes or mom grub.  I have to admit, I've really enjoyed playing dress up everyday now that EM Design is really taking off.   For everyday life, client meetings or shopping it's fun dressing up and being girly!  I'm not into labels I just like clothes that fit me and make me feel good!  My sister is a professional photographer and offered to snap some pics of me of my fashion wears in order to integrate my look into my blog.   We are having our first shoot later this week so I'm trying to get geared up!
I am no fashionista and not into labels but I do like having fun!  It makes me nervous to put myself out there in the world, but why not.  You only live once right?!  : )
A few of my fave outfit go to's lately.
  • Colored skinny jeans, I have 4 colors- I'm addicted.
  • Gingham shirts- a good staple to layer with.
  • Blouses!  Short sleeve, long sleeve- I love them all.
  • Pleated skirts, so comfy and flattering on any figure.
  • Wide leg linen trousers- A must have for summer!
  • Neon pops
  • Old holey jeans dressed up.
images from my fashion + style board

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